A gross weather day…

by ncwinters on April 8, 2008

…in normally sunny, gorgeous San Diego.

Kind of makes me want to go beat up six girls, just to watch it on Youtube and Myspace. You must have heard the story by now- a group of girls cornered and attacked another girl just to see the video online, so’s they could be like, totally famous! Oh, but the one girl deserved it because she like, made fun of me on Myspace. True, the girl was beaten unconscious and then beaten some more and she currently can neither see nor hear, but we really all know who is to blame here. Truly we must cast blame upon Youtube and Myspace, because it totally desensitizes us to violence. It’s another example about how the big bad internet is poisoning the minds of America’s youth. I’m still waiting to hear about all the cases of rampant sex to sweep the landscape, blaming pornography for the same reason. And let’s not forget about people getting desensitized to cute kittens or anything else on the web.

Want to know who I blame? I blame the six girls that made the assault.

Not the media, not video games, not television, not books, movies, the internet or Hulk Hogan. This country has seen a huge upswing of absolute disregard for humanity, sense of entitlement and taking no responsibility for one’s actions. Who to blame? Seems like every time something goes wrong lately, there is someone or something that needs the blame. Why not the people themselves? What happened to free will? What happened to accountability? Why are some actions controllable but only the most depraved the fault of someone else? I feel like the lining of accountability and responsibility is being ripped from the blanket of youth. What’s left? Are these people just puppets for anyone or anything to come fill up the void and make slaves because it’s “not their fault”?

I will get off my soapbox now. I just remember having to be accountable for my actions in my youth. Maybe because I was an only child, maybe because I didn’t have much growing up. Whatever the reason, I sure as hell couldn’t blame something I did on anything else. We want to be treated like sane, rational, thinking human beings, yet can find another source of blame for every malady or negative quality about ourselves that we don’t like. My genetics make me too fat, or susceptible to disease or lazy or alcoholic. The media makes me insensitive and prone to violence, hatred or other baser instincts. All of this and then we get angry when our President talks to us like we’re mindless zombies.

How can we be expect to be treated differently when our own actions define us as vessels to be filled by the next whisper in the wind?

OK, off the soapbox for real now. This is what gloomy weather will get you. Because I certainly can’t be held responsible for this bitterness…

*voice of doom*

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