Happy Monday, or more appropriately…

by ncwinters on April 20, 2008

…Happy Post Four-Twenty, y’all!

Did y’all smoke up yesterday? Aww, yeah! Hell’s yeah y’all, I was all like FOUR TWENTY, FO-SHO! Got my blaze on, hit the MJ hardcore. I totally packed a bowl and like, smoked it up good. I rolled up ciggy’s of ganja, lit up and totally got my mouf party ON! Aw yeah! I took that reefer to TOWN y’all!

This was what I deal with at times. Makes you wonder… What exactly? I don’t know. I don’t smoke weed, it’s not really my thing. No problem with it, it’s just not for me. Happy strange holiday for you people that do and love this magical number.

*voice of doom*

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