LA almost made me vomit today…

by ncwinters on April 26, 2008

…and I don’t enjoy vomiting.

Cruised all over LA and Hollywood today. Went to some shops, saw a bunch of galleries and dealt with a bunch of pretentious residents. I don’t quite understand some of the fashion, especially when everyone is wearing the same thing. Also, it is necessary for me to see your nether parts or boobs because they don’t seem to fit in your clothing? No. I don’t think it is. Did enjoy Suru, La Luz de Jesus (a trip!), MunkykingGallery 1988 was renovating for another show, so skipped that one, and saw the excellent Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters show at Thinkspace. Stellar work, guys. Stayed for a bit at the Cannibal Flower show, though not many people were there, most likely due to Coachella (spellin?). Took the drive back home, and just got in at around 1AM. Long ass day, and time for bed. Here’s some backed up Daily Drawings.

*voice of doom*

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