I’ve been sick…

by ncwinters on May 5, 2008

…I’ve been tired too, but not sick and tired.

So slammed with stuff to do. Been running up to LA every weekend, though good stuff in the works there. Will be featured at this Friday’s Fashion Week finale in dowtown Escondido, have a Cannibal Flower feature in July, next month is the Grind Feature, group shows here and there, just got back a piece from the THEY show in Costa Mesa, was in last week’s Hive group show, had a piece in last month’s Cannibal Flower group show, will be part of the Keep Abreast show coming in October at Swiv Tackle, will be a feature in September at The Hive, and too many other projects that aren’t getting done. This is another marathon week to get work done, here’s some backed up Daily Drawings.

Oh yeah, and did I mention I’m sick too?

*voice of doom*

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