Remaking from pure gold…

by ncwinters on May 7, 2008

…yes, I’m talking about Bionic Commando: Rearmed coming out as an Xbox Live download.

If you’ve never played the original Nintendo Bionic Commando, you missed a good one. Back in the earlier days of good Nintendo games, you remember: when they spent time and dedication on a game, instead of spewing out some half-assed piece of garbage. These were intense, had great stories, were long, intricate and beautiful. Real pieces of craftsmanship and love. Bionic Commando was such a gem.

The guys at Grin and Capcom are re-releasing a super, tricked out version for download on Xbox Live. I’ve been following the progress from their website, and what I’ve seen looks amazing. This isn’t a re-envisioning of the game’s storyline, (though they are doing that as well, and it also looks great) this is a recreation of the original 2D platform shooter into a NEW 2D PLATFORM SHOOTER. I’ve been wanting the game companies to do this for a while now. The trend is now full 3D vector wireframe graphics in a fully explorable three dimensional world, which has its perks to be sure. I just don’t think it has to fully replace every old two dimension scrolling classic. It’s about time game companies are rewarding classic gamers with new versions of their favorite games they grew up with. Check out the bionic commando website and be sure to check the music section. Simon Viklund’s amazing sonic delivery of the classic tracks pumped up into new millennium overdrive cannot be missed.
I’m so psyched to get to play this again.

*voice of doom*

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