Wow, so we’re back…

by ncwinters on May 19, 2008

…only been gone for about a week and a half.

Sorry for the absence. Been in a bit of last minute prep hell for the past well, okay week and a half. Many would argue that I’ve been working at the buzzer, last minute for the past ten years. They wouldn’t be wrong, but they would be jerks. Grind Gallery group showcase of new talent opens this Friday, May 23 from 7-11PM. Not a lot of notice, I know I know. If you’re in the West Hollywood/Santa Monica/West LA area (never sure what to call it, I’m sure Kat will set me straight) this Friday, don’t miss it. Almost all new works, save for a few stragglers that have only been showed in a short runs. Not sure how many they’re going to end up letting me put up, but I submitted eight pieces. Should be a decent turnout, and many more shows booked for the rest of the year. Trying to take all of June and July off to take care of all the backed up projects and really get a lot of painting done for the feature wall at The Hive, this coming September. Should be great. More soon, and here’s a few backed up Daily Drawings, and a preview of one of the new pieces for the show. (Edit- originally on Myspace page- thus the ubiquitous “Thanks for the add” message) Also, I send out an email blast before every show. If you haven’t been getting them and would like to, drop me an email at I’ll put you on my list, and will only sell your name to the highest bidding porn spammers. Just kidding, your email stays private with me. You won’t even see it when you get the blast, unlike the way your grandmother sends email where you have every person she knows right there in your inbox.

Happy May.

*voice of doom*

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