Finally starting to recover…

by ncwinters on May 20, 2008

…ever so slowly.

So I’m getting back into the swing of things after the mad dash to the end of prep for the Grind show, you know: this coming Friday, May 23 from 7 to 11PM at the Grind Gallery in the Santa Monica/Venice area. Finally got back into the gym, and realized how much THAT area has suffrered. Did some decent workout-ness, watched a few meatheads and prancing girls. Okay, for the record, all you muscle-heads out there- there is absolutely no need to drop whatever weights you were lifting from their highest point on your last rep. Usually this douchebag maneuver is done with a huge last gaspy grunt to let the whole gym know just how hard it was for you. The rep counts as a full lift/pull up and then a full lift/pull DOWN. Dropping it to make the loudest noise you can so everyone instinctively pays attention to you is not only juvenile, it most likely indicates that you have a very small penis. I didn’t make these rules up, it’s just science look it up on this website I found here. Don’t be a jackhole and we can all enjoy the gym together. I can bring my headphones to tune out most noises, save for the thunderous boom of your ego.

*voice of doom*

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