Out on anniversary and art show and vacation…

by ncwinters on May 22, 2008

…all wrapped up in one delicious four day weekend.

The good times start tomorrow night at the Grind Gallery in Venice/Los Angeles at 7PM. Group show, I’ll be there and so will eight brand new pieces of art of mine. Come see the goodness! Then off to our exotic hotel for a few nights of relaxation, and weather permitting, hanging out at the beach. If the weather sucks, no problem, there’s a sushi restaurant, pool, spa and fantastic room all waiting for us to relax and watch movies.

My wonderful wife Ginger has been amazing over the past two years of our marriage. I look forward to many many more, hopefully (but not realistically) with less art stress. I love you, baby! For the record, we’ve been together for eight years, but only two of them are marriage. I always feel like I have to qualify that, so people realize we’re hardcore.

Here’s the next few days’ worth of Daily Drawings (plus one from yesterday) as we will be out of town and not caring about email. Yes, I know it’s sacriledge that the drawings have been done in advance, but I draw quickly.

*voice of doom*

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