That burning sensation in my eye sockets…

by ncwinters on December 3, 2008

…it’s my eyeballs.

Yes, another day of very little sleep. Spent far too much time last night tweaking the blog. It looks like it may become my main website, as I am quite tired of dealing with my Flash main website. If I can combine my portfolio pages into the blog site, I will be happy. I don’t need much, I am just finished with dealing with Flash and it’s annoying lack of analytic data tracking and obnoxious updatability. I’m enjoying playing with WordPress and as a friend has recently reminded me- focus on the stuff that makes you happy and try to strip out all the rest. No need to have some big fancy Flash website, when something simple and low-tech will do just as well if not better. What I need to find is a website designer willing to do some trade for artwork, as I am, like everyone else right now, not in the best spot to start dropping cash on a big expense. This big pretty new Imac is splurge enough for the moment, and hey- THAT was a business expense.

I realize I am rambling and am reminded again that I need to get off the computer for the day, as my eyes feel like someone has poured green chili enchilada sauce into my dry hollowed out sockets. Too much information? Too bad, that image is now burned on your brain. Ha!

*voice of doom*

Daily Drawing 12/3/08

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Brook December 4, 2008 at 12:52 am

Hi NC,
It’s so cool to see your “sketches” from the office up on this website. I’m always amazed that the ballpoint ink some out looking kinda like watercolor and pencil–or something else. Anyway, I have to say that this rattlesnake head is looking a bit phallic. That was my first impression. Was that your intension? Is there a hidden meaning or subconscious meaning going on?

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