Damn you Twitter…

by ncwinters on December 4, 2008

…damn you straight to Hell!

So…I got on Twitter today, which I think I will end up calling a mistake in the long run. Not only was it horribly addicting, I’m not sure I’ve been saying anything of substance, and while that’s nothing new, it’s even more time consuming than just rambling on to innocent passersby. Anyone else sometimes feel like the more technology we get, the more we end up just yelling into the void? Not attempting to get too profound, there have been some fun aspects.

I do enjoy the rapid connect to people I:
A. Haven’t seen in ages
B. Find hilarious
or most likely…
C. Am starstruck with and can now watch as they ramble on about their own lives.

It is fascinating to see expectations change after even a few hours of seeing that while everyone can instantly share their thoughts, most of them are not relevant to anything. For a great example, just look at me twitter. It’s fun to comment on others’ hilarious writings but I wrestle with how much of a tourist I might be. At the same time, I have a feeling everyone else is once again, doing the exact same thing. Let’s see how this develops.

*voice of doom*

Daily Drawing 12/4/08

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Heather December 4, 2008 at 11:31 pm

From one easily distracted artist to you – hey! I found someone new to follow whom I didn’t know before AND you’re an artist whose stuff has me intrigued! Coolness. Nice to meet ‘ya.

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