Nothing like naked people…

by ncwinters on December 6, 2008

…they’re the funnest kind of person to draw.

Yes, I am co-organizing a figure drawing session scheduled for tomorrow in my studio. It’s a three hour session, not a bad time period for my first one in a few years. Figure drawing is one of my favorite things, and not just because of the nude model. To tell the truth, it doesn’t matter much if the model is male or female, though female models are a bit funner, mainly because I focus on women in my work. People are always asking Ginger if she ever gets weirded out that I spend hours staring at naked women, but she’ll be the first to admit she understands that the models are naked “people” for about 2 minutes before they become elaborate still lives.

It’s our first organized figure drawing session in the studio. Hopefully if it goes well, we’ll have many more and be able to have them more often. Should be fun, I’ll try to post pics of the session later.

Happy Friday.

*voice of doom*

Daily Drawing 12/5/08

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