The best way to avoid traffic congestion…

by ncwinters on January 7, 2009

…is to work from home.

Freelance Freedom #1 was my first foray back into comic strips since college. My college strip Voice of Doom seemed to be well received and I’m planning on bringing it back some day. Maybe this year? We’ll see. The comic consisted of me ranting about various situations and obnixous people that bothered me. In addition to the usual strip, I also had a gimmick called “Stuff I Hate:” which was a box below the comic which featured, cryptically enough, something that bothered me, usually separate from the above comic. Just a one-liner about how I hated everything from people who wouldn’t turn right on red to hard waterspots or some such mild irritation. People who didn’t know me thought I had serious anger issues. People who did know me knew I had issues in general. It was more a way to vent frustrations at stupidity and write about situations that we’ve all been in. While it wasn’t so much therapeutic as fun; it was rather cool to find such a positive response- so many people shared my frustrations and had been in similar situations. Anyhoo, this comic isn’t anout any of that.

This is Freelance Freedom, a new comic strip for The origin of the gig is funny, to me anyway. A buddy of mine from New York contacted me after Ginger and I moved to San Diego, to see how I was doing with freelance work. He told me about this new website and how it was a good place to get freelance gigs. Freelanceswitch has a job board where third parties with design needs can list gigs to liaison with designers for freelancing needs. I checked the boards and one of the first posts I saw was the need for a cartoonist for the actual site itself. Keep in mind, that usually outside parties listed jobs, Freelanceswitch just happed to be the hosting page. I applied, one thing led to another, and I had a regular cartooning gig again after 5 years off. In college the strip was due every day, while Freelance Freedom is a weekly post. Better for me, as the quality could now go (slightly) up and I wouldn’t be doing as many the night before.


For the first post, I wanted to emphasive the real ‘freedoms’ of freelancing, specifically the lack of a commute. Get it? Freelancing-Freedom? Freelance Freedom? Get it? GET IT??? Stellar. Looking back, I see I quickly abandoned any kind of shading and went with very solid tones. This one was the first and as such, a little primitive. They’ve gotten slightly better, though I’m sure there’s plenty to find fault with. Enjoy.


Freelance Freedom #1

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