It’s not a nightmare…

by ncwinters on January 16, 2009

…it’s your day job.

Freelance Freedom #4 is a fun piece of fiction describing the nightmares of Freelance Guy. Have I mentioned that the main character is named Freelance Guy yet? Well that’s his name, you’ll find out why later. This comic was also a fun exercise in creating a gag with almost no text. This happens to be one of my favorite comics I’ve done, complete with two of my most favoritest panels ever. Panels two and three for some reason came out top notch, in my opinion. Don’t take it as conceit, as once I’m done with a comic strip (or any piece of art for that matter) I usually only see the errors. This seems to be the case with a lot of fellow artist friends out there. Some kind of masochistic streak or something. Panel two specifically is one of the best studies of depth I’ve ever done, especially for this comic. I think the more recent comics have “flattened out” pretty heavily and only focus on the foreground. I may have to take this into consideration and step it up in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out, and hold me to it. I also notice that I wasn’t using the halftone pattern very much in the beginning. Enjoy.


Freelance Freedom #4

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