You get what you pay for…

by ncwinters on January 17, 2009

…unless you’re paying crap, and I try not to deliver crap.

Freelance Freedom #5, ah how you were a powerful venting of the spleen. This was in the height of our first few months in California, and I was working freelance full time for the first time. Needless to say, it was stressful, and I was on countless job boards,, craigslist and various other terrible ideas for freelancing. Not to totally dig on these specific two sites (even though I just did) but you really have to accept that 90% of it is going to be unreasonable demands for work for very little pay. Unfortunately, this is because young, fresh out of school designers are caught up in wanting to “build a portfolio” or “getting exposure” so badly that they’ll sell their skills for pennies just to have a chance to shine. While building a portfolio is important, and everyone needs to start somewhere, the important thing to realize is that it tends to poison the whole industry and many start to think that’s how designers work across the board. I would love nothing better than to load up on tons of small jobs and show my stuff, my the reality is that bills, debt, a mortgage, family and in general, life costs money.


I’ll get off my soapbox now and let you enjoy the comic. The halftone screen is making a comeback and it looks like I’m finally starting to get Freelance Guy to his final look. The chin is still a little weak, but the hair is the right length (at least for now). Also, a note: Freelance Guy is not necessarily supposed to be me specifically, though the comic is of course based around my experiences. In general Freelance Guy is taller, more successful and better with clients than I am. I also again, sadly do not own bunny slippers. Enjoy.


Freelance Freedom #5

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