Number 46!

by ncwinters on April 3, 2012

And we’re back in the saddle with another of 100 Drawings!

Yes, I’m ready to come back to this series, which was put on hold for the epic year of work that was Abandoned Menagerie. My solo show went extremely well, better than anticipated, with the vast majority of originals and numerous prints sold. I’m still getting back into the swing of things, but plan on getting more drawings added to this original project, which has been drawn out far longer than expected. The recent print release of Peppermint Madness is a switch to more prints available versus numerous originals for this year. However, I realized the original is still in fine shape and more than merits an inclusion into the 100 Drawings canon.

So, here it is, the original Peppermint Madness painting, in all its raw glory. Enjoy!

Peppermint Madness
Ink and acrylic on paper. 7.75″ x 13.25″ (2012)
Number 46 of 100 Drawings.

This painting is sold, but others in the 100 Drawings collection can be found in the shop.


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