Avengers Assemble (with a cameo by Joss Whedon)!

by ncwinters on May 3, 2012

FINALLY! I can now reveal what I’ve proudly been slaving over for the past month.

I’ve been invited to participate in a new Marvel/Disney-sponsored gallery show at the brand new across-the-street Gallery1988 location announcing the new Avengers movie. There was a limited artist list, and we were all under strict instruction to keep everything under wraps, but after last night’s press opening, now finally I can unveil my painting for the show. Here it is, Iron Legacy:

Iron Legacy
Acrylic on paper, mounted to wood panel, resined and framed in custom floating frame.
Original painting: 16″ x 20″ Frame: 25.5″ x 29.5″ (2012)

The painting was fun to do, but the real adventure was the frame. The painting is mounted in the center, and protrudes from the background about an inch. The reclaimed frame was then scuffed, carved and sanded for a weathered effect, and I even cut and painted a custom name plate for the base. Like a dummy, I never got better pics of it, but you can see it down below. I then built a bracket and cradled back mount for the frame. I had a friend ship me some early Avengers comic books, which I collaged onto the back of the custom frame. Getting the whole thing together was a fun challenge, and I really enjoyed the result. I think I may be doing more of this in the future. Hope you like it!

And of course some detail views:

Oh and here’s a pic from the press night with the one and only Joss Whedon standing by my painting. Makes me feel kind of tingly inside (via collider.com):

The Avengers show officially opens tonight, but I unfortunately will be unable to attend. The show is from 7-10PM at the super-secret brand new G1988 space, directly across the street from the original Gallery 1988. The address is 7021 Melrose, you can’t miss it!  Enjoy the show!


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Christopher Loughran May 17, 2012 at 4:53 pm

OMG what an amazing painting, it’s unbelievably beautiful!!!

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