Number 66 AND Number 67!

by ncwinters on September 6, 2012

Two at once, yowsers!

Two 100 Drawings entries for you today. Trying to finish up some various drawings lying around the studio to get back to all the commission work I’ve got going. The first of today’s pair is a new experiment with gouache, which will take further exploration, as I’m only scratching the surface of how to use it. I like it though. The second is an example of how too often I won’t be feeling a certain painting, so I work on another drawing or start something completely new, just to keep my hand moving. Number 67 is the best example of that, as it was started this morning as an exercise to warm up. Low and behold, I got sucked in and it ended up being a finished drawing. Enjoy!

The Hunt
Acrylic ink and gouache on paper. 8″ x 10″ (2012)
Number 66 of 100 Drawings.

Vapor Trail
Acrylic ink and gouache on paper. 8″ x 10″ (2012)
Number 67 of 100 Drawings.

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