Number 87.

by ncwinters on April 4, 2013

Another entry into 100 Drawings.

Last night was an off-the-cuff jump into the deep end of going back a core, super-loose style that I used to play with. I’ve been reworking old drawings with new vigor for the upcoming PURGE show. In tackling one last night, I gave up and dove into the style on something new. It’s probably the most raw and intensified version of my artmaking, and is the funnest for me to execute. For some reason I’ve drifted away from this method, but will be making a heavier return this year.

This one came around quick in the late hours of the evening, and finished up this morning. Max work time is a little under three hours- fast and loose! The medium is micron pens on paper, with built up acrylic ink washes, and finished with heavier more opaque acrylics mixed in with the inks. See below for process photos if you weren’t following along last night on Instagram. Hope  you dig it, more like this in the future, I promise. Enjoy.

Bone Lazer
Liquid acrylic inks on paper. 8″ x 10″ (2013)
Number 87 of 100 Drawings.

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