Number 95.

by ncwinters on June 19, 2013

Getting so close to the end of the 100 Drawings project.

I’m in the process of mocking up a book layout to see how it will look. I’m strongly considering lumping all 100 Drawings together into a book to release through Kickstarter, but of course that’s not exactly an easy task. This project has evolved over the years, and I’m already looking forward to releasing a new collection of work outside the scope of the “100 Drawings” mantle, which for those interested, really only began as a way to keep myself drawing as much as possible. Now that the drawings (and paintings) fly out of the shop as soon as they go in and I’ve become more comfortable in my own artistic skin regarding how I want to make a living, the 100 Drawings umbrella serves as a labeling structure for the most part. I will still release drawings (and paintings) on a regular basis once #100 comes and goes. For now, enjoy Static Ascension, already presold to an old friend. Enjoy.

StaticAscension_95Static Ascension
Acrylic and colored inks on watercolor paper, varnished. 7.5″ x 12″ (2013)
Number 95 of 100 Drawings.

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