New Painting: “Self Contained.”

by ncwinters on February 6, 2014

Sometimes I call it “ultra-tasking.”

It’s the process by which I work on about four to ten drawings and paintings all at the same time. While it might sound efficient, it’s actually more a symptom of my scattered mind, where my focus can burn supernova hot for an hour or two at a time on one particular piece, but suddenly fizzle out and then I need to switch to something else. I used to try and fight it, but I found I usually made absurdly slow progress on one painting at best, or overworked it or ruined it at worst. So now, I’ve adapted and just work on a stack of various pieces all at once. It’s probably not everyone’s way, but it works for me. This is one of many in the aforementioned stack, now complete. Enjoy “Self Contained.”


Self Contained
Pen & ink, ink wash & acrylic on watercolor paper, varnished.
9″ x 11″ (2014)

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