Did you know…

by ncwinters on November 25, 2008

…that N.C. has an Etsy shop?

Where he sells stuff? Stuff you can buy, instantly? And that he’ll ship around the world?

Oh, wait, I should back up. This is Ginger (the wife) again. I’ve stolen N.C’s blog again. (What? He’s working and I can’t always wait for him to get around to things.)

Anyway, N.C. does have an Etsy shop, with items under $50 for sale…prints, small original works, cards, the like. It’s a small shop, but we’re always adding things as he finishes work up.

You really should check it out–it’s perfect for the holidays (hint, hint). As a matter of fact, this little beauty might be perfect for those of you who still have to get out Christmas cards.

What, I’m just saying.

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