Number 55.

by ncwinters on May 22, 2012

Hey gang, it’s Tuesday, so that means another entry into “100 Drawings” for you today.

I’m starting to put “100 Drawings” into quotes, because these things are rapidly becoming just small paintings. Maybe I’ll change the name at some point. Not sure yet. I’ve been on a heavy animal kick lately, checking out books and researching the web for as many good animal photos as I can find. Birds, large cats, wolves, horses, anything that strikes my fancy, and lately my fancy has been taking a pummeling. This next one was commissioned in advance, so is not available for purchase. This seems to be happening on a fairly regular basis, I can barely seem to keep up with making new small “drawings” available for purchase to the general public, but I’m not complaining about that.

For those that have wanted to get their hands on the newest of the “100 Drawings” set, contacting me directly for a commission may be your best bet. Know that I’ll only take general art direction, in the matter of vaguish subject matter, and that you won’t have really any creative control, as they are still an exercise in my own creative experimentation and therapy. Or, you can always take your chances and keep an eye on the shop, it’s up to you! Enjoy!

Untarnished Wisdom
Ink and acrylic on paper. 9″ x 12″ (2012)
Number 55 of 100 Drawings.

To purchase other available 100 Drawings, swing by the store.


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