June 2012

Number 59.

by ncwinters on June 21, 2012

Here’s a new entry into 100 Drawings. This was the study image for my upcoming monster drawing “Cerberus”, which has been a lot of fun, though a lot of work as well. You can follow the progress of that one on my Tumblr page.  Here it is, ink on paper.

Study for Cerberus
Ink on paper. 8″ x 11″ (2012)
Number 59 of 100 Drawings.

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Rayguns and Robots!

by ncwinters on June 15, 2012

This Saturday at Ltd. Gallery in Seatlle, I’ll have a new piece on display with about 40 other artists as we each create our own interpretation of the show theme: Rayguns & Robots! There’s already been some nice press about the show, including a writeup on Wired’s website, with some quotes by yours truly. The piece was fun to do, continuing in my current decorative flourish theme, and done almost 100% in ink wash. The only acrylic added for this piece was white in the highlights and the glow around the gun. The rest, all ink. I’m really enjoying finding comfort in this newish medium for me, which has become an extension of my old methods of using ink in pen form only. Expect much more in this vein very soon. Enjoy!

In Case of Killbots
Ink and acrylic on paper, mounted to wood panel and resined.
10.5″ x 12″ (2012)

Full details in the flyer below.


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Number 58.

by ncwinters on June 13, 2012

A new one, two in a week!

A lot going on this week, can’t get into it much here. Suffice it to say I’m slammed at the moment. More details and sneak peeks are best found (as always) on my Tumblr and Facebook pages, respectively. Maybe one of these days I’ll just pack everything up and move there permanently. Or not, that could also happen. Here’s a horsey.

Ink on paper. 8.5″ x 9″ (2012)
Number 58 of 100 Drawings.

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