November 2013

DesignerCon Prints and Sculpture Now Available Online.

by ncwinters on November 12, 2013

DesignerCon is over, and I’m back in the studio.

I’m wrapping up last minute prep for my solo show on Saturday at Gallery1988: “A Curious Influence.” I wanted to take a brief stop and let you know the remaining collab prints and original sculptural works are now available in the online shop. Happy shopping!




DesignerCon 2013!

by ncwinters on November 8, 2013

DesignerCon is here again!


For those not in the know, DesignerCon is an annual convention featuring the works of a diverse group of artists, toymakers, designers, and creative types in general. I’ll be partnering up with Jason Limon and Jeremiah Ketner again for this year’s event, which has been extended to two days from the usual single. We’ll be at booth #301 hawking our collective wares, hanging out, drawing and in general, being art dorks.


I will have a selection of small original paintings and prints available at the booth, but most of the focus of my gear will be small sculptural works. I spent much of this year experimenting with sculpture, and made a special effort to have a diverse selection of unique small sculptures available for purchase. I got a little carried away, and am anxious to get back into the studio to make more. I will have over twenty (20!) small sculptures available at the booth, ranging from the strange to the, well, even stranger.


As you can see, I kind of got on a sea life kick. Octopi and starfish abound in my little collection of sculpture. All were made with MagicSculpt epoxy clay, and are just the starting point for a whole new adventure with sculpture. I’ve been wanting to do some sculpture for a long time, and this was the perfect way to kick it all off. One of my favorite things to make are my custom eyeballs, all made with the epoxy clay and glass lenses. I’m still perfecting the method, and have a long way to go, but I’m pleased with how they’ve been turning out. I’ll be happy to chat in detail at the booth this weekend about my various methods. I’m still a bit of a novice myself! All works will be exclusives to the convention, whatever is left will go up in my online shop next week.


This year my boothmates and I again collaborated on a painting which we’ve also made available in a limited edition print release. “Conjoined” was passed between the three of us where we each went wild on one wooden panel. This has become a yearly tradition, one that we hope will continue for a long time.

ConjoinedCollab_600px”Conjoined” Designer Con Exclusive Limited Edition Prints
Edition Size: 30, Print Size: 22″ x 17″ , Archival Inks on German Etching 310 gsm
Each print is hand numbered and signed by each artist
Available exclusively at DesignerCon for $75 each.

Original painting available for sale at convention as well. Inquire at booth #301 for availability.


I hope to see you at the convention. The admission charge is super reasonable: $5 at the door for the whole day. I believe it’s $10 for both days, but all the info can be found on the DesignerCon website. See you there!