New Painting: “Came Out On Top in the End.”

by ncwinters on June 4, 2015

Going, and going and going, and going…

Here’s another recent piece, finished up and available in the shop. Kind of a weird one (aren’t they all?) but super fun in it’s completely experimental tone. Been wanting to play more with super vibrant rich color lately, as I feel like I’ve fallen into a constant muted, sepia mode as of late. Look for more in a super poppy vein in the future. The pink is a super fluorescent magenta which simply cannot be captured correctly digitally. One of those “has to be seen in person” to get the full effects sort of things. Oh, and the gold is done with a mixture of gold and copper colored paints with some micaceous iron oxide thrown in the mix for an actual iron texture. It gives the final a very interesting look, almost as if the stars were actual metal. Neat.

Enjoy: “Came Out On Top in the End.”


“Came Out On Top in the End”
Ink wash and acrylic on paper, varnished.
6.25″ x 7.25″ (2015)

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