“Antithesis” New Original Painting.

by ncwinters on August 20, 2015

Another one, gonna try and get at least one new piece of art out and in the storefront over the next several days.

Been constantly experimenting, in a great flow and trying to juggle several different schools of thought and creative direction under various deadlines. It’s a compelling creative challenge, as I find I rarely get creatively blocked, just creatively bored. So even in the middle of some top secret work I can’t announce yet, I am also experimenting with a few completely different projects to keep everything in a solid state of flow. Solid flow? Guess that doesn’t make any sense. Fortunately I’ve given up trying to reconcile any of my creative intentions…

Enjoy “Antithesis.”


Ink wash and acrylic on paper, varnished.
5.25″ x 7″ (2015)

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