Daily Drawing

First New Drawing of 2016 and #366DaysOfWinters.

by ncwinters on January 13, 2016

First new completed piece of the year, and a new project to go along with it!

So, I may have hinted on social media that my first new completed piece of the year is finished, but that piece in fact was begun last year. So this is in fact, my first new piece, started and completed in 2016. It is completed nested within a new project. A few years ago I started my 100 Drawings project. The goal was to create new work every day, with an attempt to complete 100 drawings in the span of a year. Needless to say, the project was slightly ambitious, and I believe it ended up taking around three years total to complete.


This year, I think I may actually be able to complete the original intended goal, and complete 100 NEW pieces within the span of 2016. Yep, I’m going for it. Again. But this time, I think it will happen. To up the ante, I’ve created a social media hashtag to document a new chunk of drawing progress to be completed EVERY SINGLE DAY. You can follow along with this madness by following the tag #366DaysOfWinters on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. I’ll post a new bit of drawing everyday and add this tag, with the most direct access point being through my Instagram page. Which, if you’re not following already, is be your best source to keep up with the art making I’m doing daily.

It’s an ambitious goal, to be sure, but one I’m confident I can achieve. Either way, I’ll be documenting the whole process for everyone to follow along with, which gives the added imperative of not failing publicly. Should be fun, either way. My goal is to post every of the 100 drawings goal pieces for sale up in my online shop, with an estimated retail of around $100-$300. The price of each piece will depend on size and complexity. I hope to see you along the journey, but for now, here’s “Another Time.”



“Another Time”
Ink wash and acrylic on paper, varnished.
5.5″ x 7″ (2016)
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New Art: “Humour When Possible.”

by ncwinters on May 3, 2015

New art, now available in the online shop:

I feel like clowns keep making their way into the art lately. It’s strange, I’m not…especially interested in them, they just seem to keep…appearing. Something I’ll have to meditate on later. Til then, enjoy “Humour When Possible.”


“Humour When Possible”
Pen & ink, ink wash and acrylic on paper, varnished.
5.5″ x 7.5″ (2015)

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“Low Key Resplendent” -New Art.

by ncwinters on December 15, 2014

After a brief out of commission sting with a failed hard drive, I’m back with a new small painting available for purchase!

“Low Key Resplendent” is a painting that has been building for awhile, and has finally come to completion. Layers of acrylic ink washes and then thin washes of acrylic have been put down to build up the subtle tones of this piece. I’m pleased with the result, as well as a new direction of leaving more areas less than 100% over rendered. Hopefully you dig it as well. Enjoy!

LowKeyResplendent“Low Key Resplendent”
Pen & ink, ink wash and acrylic on paper, varnished.
8.75″ x 12″ (2014)

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