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Rayguns and Robots!

by ncwinters on June 15, 2012

This Saturday at Ltd. Gallery in Seatlle, I’ll have a new piece on display with about 40 other artists as we each create our own interpretation of the show theme: Rayguns & Robots! There’s already been some nice press about the show, including a writeup on Wired’s website, with some quotes by yours truly. The piece was fun to do, continuing in my current decorative flourish theme, and done almost 100% in ink wash. The only acrylic added for this piece was white in the highlights and the glow around the gun. The rest, all ink. I’m really enjoying finding comfort in this newish medium for me, which has become an extension of my old methods of using ink in pen form only. Expect much more in this vein very soon. Enjoy!

In Case of Killbots
Ink and acrylic on paper, mounted to wood panel and resined.
10.5″ x 12″ (2012)

Full details in the flyer below.


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Abandoned Menagerie- Tomorrow!

by ncwinters on March 9, 2012

A year’s plus worth of work, finished and available for viewing/purchasing in its entirety!

Abandoned Menagerie- it’s a colorful explosion of various pop culture influences that’ve had an impact on my life. Rich, vibrant paintings of video games, characters from TV and movies, all have had some effect or another on my artistic and personal awareness. The hard part was narrowing the focus, as it’s all too easy to go down the spiral of 80s childhood influence, and want to include it all. The awesome magic of Nintendo had to be included, as I was hooked on video games extremely early, an addiction that continues to this day. It’s my largest body of work to date, spanning my earliest influences from my childhood into more recent interests in my adult life, and beyond, into characters from my young son’s very early cultural influence.

The collection contains 24 brand new creations with three all new prints available in a very limited edition. The show includes ink drawings as well as acrylic paintings on paper, which are then mounted and resined for a delicious candy-like quality. A fitting metaphor for the culture I’ve consumed, like so much visual confectionary delight. I hope the viewer has a pleasurable experience with the collection, and that my fellow children of the 80s can find morsels of their childhood that they can remember and savor.

Jensen of Gallery 1988 was kind enough to interview me for the show, here’s some of it:

Jensen:  Katie and I always say, with pride, that we think in our 8 years in the business, you’ve been the artist who has improved the most. Every piece nowadays just blows us away. Do you feel that way or see it in your work over your growth painting?

N.C.:  It’s weird. Every time I work on a large body of work, I “level up” at least a few times. The paint “flows” better, details get tighter, my control with the brush gets more precise, or I just get a little better than I was, overall. This progression is usually very difficult to see because I’m so close to it, and (per my earlier comments) it usually takes a week or so after I’ve finished and stepped back a bit to see the finished work and think “hey, this is good stuff.” I can honestly say I can see the growth that’s occurred over the past few years, especially when I don’t want to look at any work older than a year, as it makes me cringe- I only see the mistakes. Ironically the better I get (and when I say “better” I only mean in terms of my own skills, not compared to anyone else) the farther I realize I have to go. The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. Lately, I’m not even sure I’m as good a painter as I am a drawer, and I think I may return to that in the very near future. So, the growth is there, but the more I do it, the more I wonder if it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. Jesus, that sounds cryptic and bullshitty!

The interview in its entirety can be found over here.

My solo show opens this Saturday, March 10 at 7PM at Gallery 1988 Venice. I’ll be there to yammer and answer questions and basically be exhausted and glad it’s all over! Keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook page as well as my Twitter feed for secret giveaways the day of the show. You could walk away with a small art treat absolutely free! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s up for grabs.

I hope to see you there, both old friends and new, Facebook Friends, Tumblr Buds and Twitter Tweeps alike. For ordering info and to see the entire show, click right over here. Enjoy and I’ll see you there!


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Another toy long forgotten…

by ncwinters on March 16, 2010

…from your abandoned toy collection.

Just finished up a new vinyl custom for upcoming Buddy Custom Show. The blank was an 8″ Bic Buddy, and the show opens at Crewest Gallery, March 27, 6PM—9PM. The toy was fun. Been meaning to spend more time with sculpture, experimenting, having fun, trying to figure out new ways to dump my mind out in three dimensions. This was a labor of…something not quite like love. The magic-sculpt is, as usual, nice and durable, but getting all the details I wanted took some effort. Finally dropped some money on a fancy craft Dremel tool and some tiny files that made the difference. Still getting used to the medium, but I prefer the magic-sculpt to sculpey as I got sick of the stuff shaling off during sanding and/or modifications. More to come in the future, perhaps just a little larger. Still just getting into this 3D medium, but I think I’ll definitely be coming back for more. I’ll try to take progress shots in the future!

The toy is a vinyl Bic Buddy, modded with magic-sculpt. The final piece was gessoed, painted with acrylic and then finished with both matte and gloss finishes. Enjoy!

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