Nothing to Cringe At…

by ncwinters on December 29, 2009

…unless you’re not a fan of He-Man.

Here’s my latest painting, in full hard-to-photograph resined glory. The painting will be part of “Masters of the Universe”– a group show at Gallery 1988:LA opening January 8th, 7PM–10PM. Some amazing pieces are in the show, as usual. Jensen curates quite the pool of talent at these shows, and I’m honored to show with everyone. I most likely won’t be able to be at the show, but enjoy the art and the gallery. Apparently they’ve been totally overhauling the gallery to do it up real Eternia-proper. Sounds pretty epic. Enjoy the painting, acrylic on paper again, mounted to wood and then resined. I’m getting ever more comfortable with this combination of media and am really enjoying working this way. Plus, the paintings get done in way less time and (in my opinion) have been turning out pretty well. Enjoy!

Nothing to Cringe At

“Nothing to Cringe At”
Acrylic on paper, mounted to wood panel, resined. 16″ x 24″



Justice is served…

by ncwinters on September 26, 2009

…a new painting for your viewing pleasure.

October is a busy month, with no less than three group shows featuring my artwork. Since I’m terrible about planning anything blog related, I’ll do each show a bit at a time, starting with the closest one. The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles is putting on a huge art show featuring the Tarot Deck. Selected artists were asked to create an image based on a card chosen at random. My card was Justice, which I will mull over for meaning based on recent life events. It’s a return to my works on paper days, to which I have been anxious to return. The painting is acrylic on heavy paper, which was then mounted to wood. The whole thing was varnished and then resined for a nice glossy wet look. I’m very pleased with the result and will be doing more paintings with this technique in the future. I’m most comfortable on paper, and this was really fun to do and took less than half the time, while being twice as good. Go figure. Here it is, “Justice” for your viewing pleasure:


Acrylic on paper, mounted to wood, resined. 11″ x 14″

The show opens Saturday, October 3rd, at 8PM. Eight dollars at the door gains you entry to what promises to be a fantastic show. Full details below. I was lucky enough to score the cover image, so you know, that’s groovy. Contact Nathan Cartwright at The Hive Gallery for purchasing information.



More soon, I promise.


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More art than you can handle…

by ncwinters on July 9, 2009

…or at least more than you should handle, without gloves.

Three group shows in July coming very soon, for your viewing pleasure:

First off, the Kokeshi: From Folk Art to Art Toy show presented by the LATDA and JANM opens July 11, and goes to October 4. Each artist is given a traditional wooden Kokeshi and told to go crazy with it. A  huge lineup of amazing talent is in this show, and I am honored to be a part of it.

Acrylic on wood, resined.

Then the always fantastic Crazy 4 Cult: 3-D show at Gallery 1988 is Thursday, July 16th, 7-10PM. The show features 100 artists paying tribute to cult classic films. I’ll be in attendance, drooling all over everyone else’s amazing art, and I will have two pieces in the show: my movies are Fight Club and Edward Scissorhands, respectively.

“I am Jack’s Broken Heart”
Acrylic on wood, resined.

“Severed Edward”
Acrylic on wood, resined.

Lastly but certainly not least-ly is the “Meanwhile…at the Halls of Justice” show at Subtext in San Diego, Friday, July 24th. Corresponding with the San Diego Comic Con (the gallery is only a few minutes away from the convention center), this show has several artists re-imagine superheroes on an off day. Amazing talent again, be sure to check it out, especially if you will be at the Con.

“Darkest Night”
Acrylic on wood, resined.

I’ll be at the G1988 show and the Subtext show. Hope to see you there! Please contact respective galleries for purchasing information.