Another year, another San Diego Comic Con, and it’s right around the corner.

Happy to be back at booth 4716 with my parter in crime Anthony Petrie, all the way over from New York. I’m looking forward to this year’s SDCC for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s the end of several months of projects. I can see people, show what I’ve been working on, and then take it easy afterwards for awhile. Here’s hoping anyway! I’ll be bringing a couple special exclusives that I’m pretty excited about, so let’s just dive in and check ’em out.

*UPDATE: I’ll also be participating in a live art jam/silent auction again this year at Bar Basic on Thursday, July 20. I’ve participated in the last several years and I’m honored to be back again, painting alongside some amazing artists. No admission, it’s always a blast, come on by!

In addition to some small originals and prints, one of my two super-special SDCC exclusives is a select few (see: only SEVEN) hand-embellished versions of my recent Mondo-released, officially licensed “Alien” print variant. The original variant is a one color black on white stock screenprint, but I designed these in part with the intent to do some hand-colored versions. “Hand embellished” may be a bit of a misnomer, as the prints are each fully hand-painted over the original screenprint, and truly one-of-a-kind. A ton of work, but I’m thrilled with how they all turned out. I’ll only have seven, and there’s been lots of excitement, so if you’re interested, get there early. $250 each, ink, acrylics and varnish on one-color screenprint.

“ALIEN” Officially Licensed Screenprint Poster
(hand embellishment of limited variant edition)

Print size: 24″ x 36″ ONLY SEVEN AVAILABLE!
One color screenprint on paper.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $250 each.

My next exclusive, well, you first should first know that I’m a huge Rick and Morty fan. If you’re not aware of the show, it’s a hilarious sci-fi cartoon on Adult Swim, but there’s really no good way to describe it. Go watch an episode or two online. If you’re not hooked right away, the show probably isn’t for you. It is definitely for me, and I often get several commissions during SDCC for R&M characters. So this time, to try and save my wrists during the convention, I’ve done a bunch in advance, which will be available for purchase, but with one caveat. You won’t know which one you’re getting. That’s right, the drawings will all be “blind-boxed” and sealed and paying the $75 lets you pick randomly for which one you’ll end up with. Adds an air of mystery to the event, as even I won’t know which one you end up with until you open them up. It’s an experiment, like everything else I do, but so far, the response has been pretty positive. We’ll find out at the con! Each drawing is 8″ x 10,” ink on paper and available for $75 each. 

Rick and Morty blind-boxed drawings (30 different).
Pen & ink on paper.
8″ x 10″ (2017) $75 each, available “blind-boxed”

All 30 drawings: for better views, swing by my Instagram page.

Each drawing is sealed in a “blind box” so even I don’t know which one you’ll be getting until you purchase and open it up!

I’ll try and get a couple more done before the end of the convention. It’s a mystery!

In addition to the han- embellished Alien prints, I’ll also have some recently sold-out prints available, including prints of “Mortal Coil” and my recent Primus gig poster.


“Mortal Coil” limited edition screenprint
Print size: 18″ x 24″
3 available out of the original limited edition of 80.

Four-color hand-pulled screenprint on Madero Beach speckletone 100# cover stock.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $100 each.


“Mortal Coil” (variant colorway) limited edition screenprint
Print size: 18″ x 24″
2 available out of the original limited edition of 40.

Four-color hand-pulled screenprint on Madero Beach speckletone 100# cover stock.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $150 each.

PRIMUS gig poster May 20, 2017 Grand Rapids, Michigan
Print size: 18″ x 24″
3 available out of the original limited edition of 250.
Seven-color screenprint on white 100# cougar cover.
Printed by InHouse Silkscreen.

Each print is hand signed & numbered. $100 each.

PRIMUS gig poster Foil Variant
Print size: 18″ x 24″
3 available out of the original limited edition of 20.

Six-color screenprint on rainbow foil.
Printed by InHouse Silkscreen.

Each print is hand signed & numbered. $200 each.

See you there!



SDCC 2016! Full Schedule and Product Listing.

by ncwinters on July 15, 2016

It’s almost here!

The annual intergalactic congregation of all things comics, pop culture, art, cosplay and crazy is once again upon us, and I’m happy to say I’ll be a part of the whole mess once again! I’ve joined forces with New York artist Anthony Petrie. This talent is a veteran of Nickelodeon, and has most likely worked on some form of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that you know of, which sort of makes him my personal hero. On top of that, he’s super on top of his art and professional game and a nice guy to boot. We scored booth #4716 this year in the Fantasy Illustrators section and will be hawking our wares all day every day for the entirety of San Diego Comic Con (SDCC).


Like in previous conventions, I’ll be drawing live on a LIMITED number of sketchcards and will have several original drawings and paintings available for purchase in addition to a new art print, enamel pins, stickers and other art goodies. I’ve been working pretty much non stop for the past week and will continue right up until the show opens, most likely. As I mentioned, I will be cutting the number of screenprinted sketchcards early this year, so if you had your heart set on one, get there early, as I’m going to attempt to sleep some this year, rather than work on sketchcards until 2AM every night! Let’s get to the goods!

1. Comic Book Ink Drawings
To start off, I’ve made a dozen or so brand new comic-themed small ink drawings. Each is 5.5″ x 7″ and available for $125 each.


Various original ink drawings
Pen/ink on paper. 5.5″ x 7″
$125 each


More to come, as many as I can get done in time for the convention next week!

2. New Simpsons-themed art print
I completed a recent commission from the owner of my “Everybody Loves Hypnotoad” painting from a few years ago. He wanted a new painting of “Blinky,” the three-eyed fish from the Simpsons as a companion piece. I’m super happy with how it turned out, and will be releasing a limited edition run of 30 signed and numbered art prints. Only about 15 prints will be available exclusively at SDCC, the rest will go up for sale after the convention.


“Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish” Limited Edition Print
(inspired by The Simpsons)
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 10″ x 9″
Limited edition of 30, each print is hand signed & numbered.
$40 each.

Blinky_DETAIL1 Blinky_DETAIL2detail views.

3. Enamel pins
I will have some of my enamel pins from Yesterdays available for purchase as well. “Avion” artist edition pins are available in two colorways: “fire” and “ice” and will be available while quantities last for $12 each.


“Avion” artist edition enamel pins from Yesterdays
1.25″ soft enamel black nickel plated lapel pin w/ single post black rubber backer.
Available in two colorways: “Fire” and “Ice” for $12 each.

4. Sketchcards
I will have a LIMITED number of my screenprinted sketchards available for custom commission during SDCC. These debuted at Wondercon earlier this year, which was a return of the super popular experiment from last year’s Mondocon. The detail is even higher this time, screenprinted in sepia on Stonehenge printmaking paper. The paper is perfect for ink drawing, which I’ll be doing on each and every card, in essence making a set of limited edition of 200 originals. Only a limited amount will be available at SDCC, as last time I offered sketchcards, demand exceeded supply (see also: I couldn’t draw fast enough) and I had to cut the line off. I’ve learned my lesson and limited the supply and also slightly upped the price, though at $40 a pop for a limited edition screenprint that is ALSO an original drawing, it’s still an amazing deal. For those wanting something extra special, I’ll have embellished colored ink ones in super limited availability for $75 apiece. I reiterate- I will only be doing a LIMITED number, as the line gets out of control sometimes, so don’t wait until the last day! In addition to working live, I’ll have a handful of finished sketchcards with more detail and full color available for $100 apiece.


Screenprinted 6.5″ x 9.5″ Sketch Cards
Limited to only 200, one color screenprint on Stonehenge Printmaking paper.
Each screenprinted sketchcard print will feature an original hand drawn sketch, done live.
Each sketchcard is hand signed and numbered.

Regular one color black or sepia simple pen/ink sketch cards $40 each.
Elaborate color/embellished sketch cards $75 each.

SDCC_ColorSketchcardsIn addition to the sketchcards done live at the event,
several finished full color sketchcards will be available for $100 each.


each card is hand signed and numbered.

5. Various small originals, older prints, various other studies
And of course, in addition to all the specific releases, I’ll be bringing a big slog of various art experiments from the year to sell. Studies, sketches, prints, reworked prints, maybe some sculpture pretty much whatever else I can get done between now and the show opening. Should be a whole melange of other stuff.

SDCC_MelangeWho knows what else I’ll bring? Swing by booth #4716 to find out!

And, once again I’m excited to be participating in MunkyKing‘s live art jam again this year at Bar Basic with a bunch of amazing artists who are also great friends. One night only: Thursday, July 21, from 9PM-close. Live painting, friends, pizza, booze and an energetic crowd of people? What’s not to love?! No cover charge to get in the bar, hope to see you there! Full details below.


It is ALWAYS an amazing time, hope to see you there!


Here’s how you can find us.


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SDCC 2015! Full Updates on Inventory.

by ncwinters on June 30, 2015

It’s almost here!

San Diego Comic Con has come again, and this time I will be on my own in the Small Press section, table K-05 (see diagram). I’ll be there drawing, chatting, selling prints and small originals and soaking in all the goodness that is SDCC. I will be there all five days, starting with Preview Night with doors opening at 5PM. Mini resined prints will be making a return this year, by popular demand. However many I can get done before the show opens is how many there will ever be, but so far I’m shooting for 75. They sold out by the end of the convention, and were super popular, so I’ve made a whole new batch. Nine different designs, each mini resined print is hand signed and will be available for $15 each.

I’ll have a few more updates before the show, be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram feed, as I update there most often. Also, the newsletter will be going out shortly, so make sure to sign up over there in the sidebar. Don’t worry- I never sell your info and try to be respectful of your inbox. Hope to see you at the Con!


Mini resined prints
Nine different designs, 3″ x 4″ mounted to birch with resin coating.
$15 each, or all nine for $100.
About 75 made, available only while quantities last.


Pen/ink, ink wash & acrylic on paper, mounted to wood, resined.
5.5″ x 7″ (2015) $300


“Piecemeal Errata”
Pen/ink, acrylic, ink, collage, cotton, acetate, tape, on paper, mounted to wood, with resin finish.
5.5″ x 9″ (2015) $250


“Soul Breaker Errata”
Hand worked print, with acrylic, ink, collage, suspended in multiple layers of resin.
6″ x 6″ (2015) $200


Ink and acrylic on paper, mounted to birch, with resin finish.
4″ x 5.5″ (2015) $75

“GONZO” AP print
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 9″ x 12″
Signed and numbered: AP $50


Everybody Loves Hypnotoad AP Print
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 10″ x 9″
Hand signed & numbered: AP $30


“Aerial Clockwork” AP Print
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 9″ x 10″
Hand signed & numbered: AP $30


“Cordyceps” AP Print
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 9″ x 10″
Hand signed & numbered: AP $30


“Natural” AP print
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 9″ x 12″
Hand signed & numbered: AP $35

“Donatello” AP print
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 9″ x 12″
Hand signed & numbered: AP $35


“Necrotic Tidings” limited edition print
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 8″ x 10″
Limited edition of only 10, each print is hand signed & numbered $30

“Gilded” AP print
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 8″ x 12″
Hand signed & numbered: AP $35


“Strata Upon Strata” AP print
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 8″ x 12″
Hand signed & numbered: AP $35

“Broken Jetsam” AP print
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 9″ x 9″
Hand signed & numbered: AP $30


“Arctic Totem” limited edition print
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 8″ x 10″ Limited edition of 15
Hand signed & numbered: AP $30


Live Art Jam! The 8th Annual MunkyKing SDCC Party, sponsored by Trekell Art Supplies.
Thursday night, July 9th at Bar Basic 9PM–1AM.