San Diego Comic Con! Full Info and Exclusives!

by ncwinters on July 21, 2014

It’s almost here!


I am happy to announce that I will be at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) this year, in booth #4531 with the Brothers Washburn of Color Ink Book. The convention runs from July 24-July 27, 2014 with a special limited preview night July 23, from 6-9PM for preview night badge holders only.

I will have several items available for purchase, most of which will be available EXCLUSIVELY at the convention, and not available for pre-order or purchase online. Any remaining unsold will be available after the show. I will also be constantly drawing, with small originals and sketchcards available for purchase.


In addition to the daily sessions in the booth, I will be participating in VERSUS II, the second annual live art battle (and seventh annual SDCC party) at Bar Basic in downtown San Diego. Hosted by Munkyking, the event pits two sets of three pairs of artists in a head to head to head art battle in front of a live crowd, fueled only by pizza, booze and a quest for glory. The winners of each set then face off for the crown, or in this case, belt. I’m honored to be paired with the legendary Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez and be pitted against some amazing artists who happen to also be good friends. The night should be an unforgettable experience, if it’s anything like last year’s debut event.

trampt_kmndz_ncwthese guys.

Let’s get to the exclusives (exclusives info can also be found on the SDCC website):


Mini resined prints
Nine different designs, 3″ x 4″ mounted to birch with resin coating.
$10 each, or all nine for $80.
About 50 made, available while quantities last.


The main exclusive for SDCC is a new drawing: “Blossomd.” It will be available exclusively as a limited edition print, as well as iPhone 5 hardcases. The original framed drawing will also be available for purchase.


“Blossomd” limited edition prints
Print size: 9″ x 12″ Limited edition of 30
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, each print is hand signed & numbered. $30 each.
First three in the edition mounted to wood and sealed with resin, $100 each.
Framed, mounted original, $600.



Mounted/resined prints and original also available.
“Blossomd” original: Pen/ink, ink wash & acrylic on paper, mounted to wood panel, resined.
Float-framed in custom hand sculpted frame with hand painted, collaged background.
Original painting: 9″ x 12″, framed: 14″ x 17″ x 3″ (2014)






Limited edition “Blossomd” iPhone 5S Hardcases from Nuvango (formerly GelaSkins)
Limited edition: only 30 hardcases made, each case is hand signed and numbered.
Exclusive to SDCC, not available for purchase from Nuvango. $30 each.


Mini Original Drawings & Paintings
Various sizes, in three price tiers: $30, $20 and small custom sketchcards for $10 each.


See you at the show!



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Comic Con is almost here!

I’m pleased to announce I will be signing at ColorInk Book booth #5638 on Thursday, July 18 from 1-2PM and on Saturday, from 12:30-1:30PM. I am honored to be the cover artist for this month’s issue, and have a spread of several drawings in the magazine as well. If you’re not familiar with the excellent magazine put out by the Brothers Washburn, you’re missing out. I will also debut the cover painting “You Can Never Go Back” with a limited edition print run of 25 prints. Each print is hand signed and numbered, and as an added bonus, each print will come with a random small drawing or painting. Some will be simple ink drawings, while others will be full color small paintings, all with a retail value of $50-$150. The drawings and prints will be “blindboxed” as it were with each print, so you never know what you’ll end up with! Everyone who purchases a print will definitely get some kind of original art though. It’s a win-win as the kids say.

I’ll be drawing, painting and on hand to sign, draw in your sketchbook, or chat about pretty much anything. The booth number is #5638: Color Ink Book. See you there!


You Can Never Go Back (Original Painting)
Acrylic on paper, mounted to wood and resined.
21.5″ x 14.25″ x .75″ (2013)

You Can Never Go Back (Limited Edition Print)
Archival giclée print on 100% cotton, print size: 18″ x 12″
Limited edition of 25, each print is hand signed & numbered. Available for $50 each.
Available exclusively at San Diego Comic Con at ColorInk Book Booth #5638,
first available for purchase Thursday, July 18th at 1PM.

Great for covering up unsightly blemishes:


detail views:


ColorInk Book Magazine:


and the back:


One of the paintings that will be included randomly with one of the prints

SelfContainedSelf Contained
Colored inks and acrylics on watercolor paper, varnished. 5″ x 7″ (2013)



San Diego Comic Con 2011 Signing and Booth info.

by ncwinters on July 18, 2011

Hey gang, it’s that time of year again.

That time when downtown San Diego loses its collective mind with masses of people coming down for the comix and the movees and the artz for the San Diego Comic International Convention 2011. Well, this year I’m a little more ahead of the game than usual, and will be signing in a few booths with some merch for sale to boot! One of these years I’ll actually be there with a booth, but baby steps. For now, swing by, say hello and maybe even pick up some art at these places:

Dragatomi: I’ll be at the Dragatomi booth #4935, Thursday, July 21 from 2PM to about 3PM. I’ll have several prints, some of the 100 Drawings series and a few other goodies, just for the Con.

ZeroFriends: I’ll be at the ZeroFriends booth #5502, Saturday from 10:30AM–11:30AM for at least an hour or so. I’ll be signing along with awesome artists Luke Chueh and Scribe. I’ll be on hand to sign your Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art book, which I’ve been featured in no less than three times! The book is full of amazing paintings by some fantastic artists, all with their take on various pop culture references, done up in their respective style. I won’t have any merch for sale, but it should be a fun time. Ask nicely, and I may even do a little sketch for you in your book if you so desire.

Cardboard Spaceship: I’ll be hanging out with the awesome guys of Cardboard Spaceship at booth #5032 Thursday, from about 10AM to 11AM. I’ll have prints and originals for sale, and be happy to sign whatever you’d like. No limbs, please. Come by and say hello!

See you there!