San Diego Comic Con 2011 Signing and Booth info.

by ncwinters on July 18, 2011

Hey gang, it’s that time of year again.

That time when downtown San Diego loses its collective mind with masses of people coming down for the comix and the movees and the artz for the San Diego Comic International Convention 2011. Well, this year I’m a little more ahead of the game than usual, and will be signing in a few booths with some merch for sale to boot! One of these years I’ll actually be there with a booth, but baby steps. For now, swing by, say hello and maybe even pick up some art at these places:

Dragatomi: I’ll be at the Dragatomi booth #4935, Thursday, July 21 from 2PM to about 3PM. I’ll have several prints, some of the 100 Drawings series and a few other goodies, just for the Con.

ZeroFriends: I’ll be at the ZeroFriends booth #5502, Saturday from 10:30AM–11:30AM for at least an hour or so. I’ll be signing along with awesome artists Luke Chueh and Scribe. I’ll be on hand to sign your Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art book, which I’ve been featured in no less than three times! The book is full of amazing paintings by some fantastic artists, all with their take on various pop culture references, done up in their respective style. I won’t have any merch for sale, but it should be a fun time. Ask nicely, and I may even do a little sketch for you in your book if you so desire.

Cardboard Spaceship: I’ll be hanging out with the awesome guys of Cardboard Spaceship at booth #5032 Thursday, from about 10AM to 11AM. I’ll have prints and originals for sale, and be happy to sign whatever you’d like. No limbs, please. Come by and say hello!

See you there!