An art experiment…

by ncwinters on February 9, 2011

…for one night only.

So I had an idea the other night. I needed to buckle down and get my 100 Drawings going back on track. I’ve been sick, under deadline, and in general, slacking on getting some art made. I wanted to see what I could get done in one sitting, in one night. The goal was for these drawings to be done relatively quick, as an exercise in keeping my drawing and painting muscles fresh and limber.

So I had an idea.

Last night I started a single drawing at 8:34PM PST and ended at 12:51AM later that night (early the next day?). I chronicled the entire process on Twitter, tagging each post with the hashtag #onenightonedrawing. I tried to constantly update my process with quick shots from my iPhone, which for the most part, were crappy photos. Near the end of the process I started changing up the light source for the photos in an attempt to give a better approximation of how the painting was progressing and at the very end I simply opted for the digital camera. A little more involved, as my goal was to just keep painting away, as quickly and efficiently as possible. I didn’t want to get hung up with distractions.

All in all I’m pleased with the result, though I wish I had done a little more. I could have tweaked the painting more today, but my goal was to start and finish in one evening, and that’s what I did. I had a lot of fun with the process, and got some great support from my fellow tweeps. I’ll definitely be doing this again, and will once again use the same hashtag: #onenightonedrawing. Hopefully others may jump on the train and do their own live casting of drawing and painting, but for now, I’m pleased to be able to use it as a tool to keep me focused on a single task at hand. Enjoy!

(Start- 8:34 PM)

(8:43 PM)

(8:55 PM, painting begins)

(9:12 PM)

(9:33 PM, more progress)

(9:52 PM)

(10:13 PM after getting frustrated with the lighting, I changed the location of where I was taking the photo)

(10:37 PM I start adding in the sapphires. The new light source isn’t helping)

(11:12 PM)

(11:55 PM I get fed up with crappy iPhone photos and break out the digital camera)

(12:51 AM the final photo, painting finished)

Sapphire Tears
Acrylic on paper. 6″ x 9″ (2011)
Number 12 of 100 Drawings.



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I’m already typing enough anyway…

by ncwinters on May 8, 2009

…I may as well write a damn blog post!

So again, I’ve been slack on the blog and yes, you’ve heard this before. I realized that between twitter and the various blogs I’ve been reading, I’m typing enough to be posting way more than I should. Granted, I usually don’t have access to my pics, and I try to give you something visual in each post (I hate looking at just words myself), but these are just excuses.

So, here you go, an update on what I’ve been up to recently.

First off, head over to these blogs right now: The Economy Isn’t Happening, Mattress Police and my newest chum (and yes, Trish, I’m using the definition that means chopped up meat for luring sharks) Trish over at Notes From the Bunker. Ginger originally got me hooked on TEIH literally months ago and from there, my blog list has spread rather like a virus to several others. God help me if I find anyone new, nothing else will ever get done. Oh yeah, check out RambleRamble, Ginger’s blog. She’s my wife, by the way. I feel like I keep mentioning it, but I always run into the dilemma of whether to say ‘my wife Ginger’ versus ‘my wife’ versus ‘that person sharing the house with me’.

Oh hey, I finished a commission awhile ago and never posted about it. I painted the portrait of Melissa Walker of Distinction Gallery for an upcoming Who’s Who of the San Diego Art World. She was nominated, not me. But, it’s an awards event combined with art show so everyone nominated had to get their portrait painted. I’m honored she chose me. Here it is, hopefully I’m allowed to show it early.

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah, we are officially having a boy. This should probably go higher in my blog’s priorities, but that just shows what a flawed person I am. I’ll have a special baby announcement soon that reflects our (mainly mine) unique perspective. I’m sure it will delight and offend. We’re both excited (my wife, Ginger and I [did I mention Ginger is my wife? She’s the one thhe baby is coming out of.]) and are now in the process of picking out baby names. Let me tell you about these baby book names. They all have names like ‘One Million and One of the BESTEST EVER Baby Names’ or ‘Those Other Baby Names are Shit, THESE are the Three Million Baby Names You Seek” or somesuch. Don’t believe the hype. After about five hunded names, the rest are garbage. And this is how names are all over the planet. The reason so many names are reused is that only about twenty percent of any names are decent and the rest are for freaks, hippies or rock stars who are not considering factors like “this will get my kid’s ass kicked every day” or “this goofy spelling is fun for me, but it will make my kid’s childhood hell.”

Oh, I’m in four art shows in July. Overextending myself? Most likely, but mark these dates: July 11 at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles for Kokeshi: From Folk Art to Art Toy. This is a group show with numerous amazing artists. Then Crazy For Cult: 3D at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. This show will be off the hook, as the kids say. It is traditionally hosted by Kevin Smith- director of Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, Chasing Amy and all the rest. This year, it will be co-hosted by “Weird” Al Yankovic to commemorate the 20th anniversary of UHF. The show is usually jammed out the door and around the block, so show up wicked early. I’ll have two pieces in the show. Next up is Meanwhile… at the Hall of Justice A Collection of Superhero Mishaps at Subtext Gallery, San Diego Comic Con Weekend: July 24th-26th, 2009 Opening Reception: Friday, July 24th, 6-10pm. The show name is quite a mouthful, but the group show features a wicked lineup of artists. The very next day is the show not to miss: Waterlogged is the two-man show of Chris Kepler and mine at Swiv Tackle Circus in Oceanside. The show is July 25th, opening 6:00 – 10:00 PM. We hope to have at least forty pieces of brand new art up in a full installation with mural in the gallery. This is the biggest undertaking in my artistic career, and I’d be super mega stoked if you could all make it. And by all, I of course mean the whole world. More info on all the shows as the dates get closer. Here’s a little progress shot of the Waterlogged art prep. All my work has been on wood panels lately, which is both fun and tedious at the same time. Funedious.

Well, that’s enough for now, I swear I’ll try to space these out a bit more and not give you a novel for every post. But actually, you’re lucky you’re getting anything lately. So quit complaining already.




by ncwinters on April 17, 2009

…back at the ranch.

Full disclosure: this will be like, the longest and most rambly post ever.

So I’ve been realizing its been far too long since I’ve updated anything on my various websites. This strikes me as odd as it seems like I’ve been typing away quite a lot on Twitter (yes, I’m on there, too) and commenting on other blogs which I get quite a bit of pleasure from reading, far more than I probably should. One of these is The Economy Isn’t Happening by the fantastic JohnnyBTruant (also on Twitter). That’s not his real name, but I don’t care. I will accept his lies as long as they bring me humour and the occasional motivational lesson. He recently mentioned me in his blog and it reminded me that A.) I should return the favor even though B.) He’s a total ass-kisser and probably wants free art and C.) It’s been far too long since I’ve updated this thing and it’s disrespectful to have him send readers over here when there’s nothing to read.

So here we are. Let’s see, a lot has happened over the past few months, including a move to a new place, a move out of my old art studio at Distinction Gallery, showing in a fantastic group art show in LA, getting my picture with Mr. Belding from Saved By the Bell at said show, my 100th comic strip Freelance Freedom got published, and oh yeah, my wife’s pregnant.

Guess I should start with that.

Yes, Ginger is pregnant, about five and a half months worth. She is very much ‘showing’ and one of my favorite things is to see her on the couch or somewheres with her hand gently on her belly. I’m not sure why, but it makes me smile. I’ll try to take a photo for you at some point. No, we don’t know what the sex of the child will be, but we’re both pretty sure it will be a boy or a girl. We’ll find out in a few days. Yes of COURSE we want to know the sex of the baby. Those of you who would rather keep this a surprise much like what you might unwrap at Christmas are out of your minds. It just isn’t how we roll. And by “roll” I mean: Type A OCD plan everything out to the letter folk. That nursery needs to be fully functional before the kid pops out, and we need to have it done in advance: He-Man, zombies and Voltron if it’s a boy or My Little Pony, unicorns and Pepto-Bismol pink everywhere if it’s a girl. No, most likely we just want to know as it will make the naming decision that much easier. We’re super excited about having a baby. I’m realizing how much I’ve changed since I used to use the phrase ‘when and if I have kids’. I chalk it up to getting unbelievably incredibly old. Yes, I’m under 30, but I figure once you start hating teenagers, you’ve become old.

What else? Oh yeah, so in preparation for the swelling fetus, we decided we’d had enough of apartment living and needed more space anyway for said fetus. Ginger scored an amazing find in Carlsbad, and we are almost 100% totally unpacked by now. Many thanks to Scott, Nick and Chris for their amazing aid. Nothing like having burly friends to help the job get done. Especially since my skinny ass is out of shape and my wife isn’t supposed to lift anything heavier than a teaspoon. We love our new place with its wood floors, upstairs and downstairs patios, room for our eight thousand books and the grill can finally go outside again instead of in the living room. In planning the move, I realized the studio at Distinction would have to go, as the need for more room combined with the added expense of the priciest studio in the Gallery added to an economic recession did not make for a wise financial state. Sad news, but for the best, as the increased room and lack of apartment jackassery will make for a better living arrangement. Kurt Lighfoot, an amazing photographer involved with the gallery, took this awesome photo on the last night being open:

I’m not actually this much of a douche, I just take the best photos this way: surly and aloof. Otherwise I have a giant shit-eating grin on my face, see the upcoming photo.

What else? Oh yeah, took part in the Idiot Box show at Gallery 1988 in LA a few weeks ago. The show was fantastic and themed around gulity pleasures television. Of course, who could be a more appropriate host than Cheetara from Thundercats? Since she’s a fictional cartoon character and apparently has a real attitude about hosting art shows, Dennis Haskins AKA Mr. Belding from Saved By the Bell volunteered instead. He was an amazingly gracious host and made a point to be social with everyone and offered signatures and photos to all. Nice guy, check out my photo with him.

Again, note the contrast in my face to the photo above. Would you buy art from this kid? Only out of pity. I never thought that in a few years, I’d be standing with Mr. Belding getting his approval for my art. Kind of a cool feather in my hat. I left the hat at home for this photo. Yes, that’s my painting in the background, but here’s a better shot of it:

Anything else? Oh yeah, as you may or may not have been paying attention, I write and draw a weekly comic strip called Freelance Freedom for This week featured my 100th Freelance Freedom comic, for which the editor and I came up with a special treat. Basically the avid readers were presented with a forum to ask questions and “get a straight answer” from me. While I thought that was asking a bit much, I did my best to be truthful about the process, my methods, and my morning eating habits. It was a fun interface, and I got to do a quadruple length strip which is always fun and I get paid four times as much to boot. Enjoy it here, as the website keeps publishing rights for a set period of time after the comic is published.

Well, that’s it for now, there’s more I need to post about, but there’s some unspoken rule that blog posts are supposed to be short or something due to short attention spans. I forget why. More soon, including four places to see my artwork in July in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas.