Number 33, One Third of the Way Done!

by ncwinters on July 25, 2011

Number 33 is here, only 67 drawings left to make before 100 Drawings comes to a close.

I’m pretty sure  nobody’s holding their breath.

This was a slightly older one lying around that I kept meaning to finish up, but never finding the energy to decide where it should go. Then it finally struck me: it’s already finished. Sure, I could find places to forcibly paint, but I realized I like it as it is, and therefore felt blocked to add any more to it. Hope you feel the same. Enjoy “The Giving Tree”, ink and watercolor on paper:

The Giving Tree
Ink and watercolor on paper. 9″ x 11.5″ (2011)
Number 33 of 100 Drawings.

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And then there were three…

by ncwinters on October 19, 2010

…of 100 drawings, so far.

The newest of 100 Drawings is now up. This one was a lot of fun, starting off in the old school style where I just start drawing, usually on an eye, and work my way out. It’s the funnest kind of drawing for me, a style I’m always trying to make work for larger pieces. It’s tough to not start planning once the piece gets to a certain point. Usually then I’ll tighten up too much and the drawing will get stiff. The challenge is to keep it loose and fun. I think this one achieved that. Click here to check the availability in the store. Enjoy.

Ink, watercolor and acrylic on bristol. 9″ x 12″ 2010.
#3 of 100 Drawings



Number two is now online!

by ncwinters on October 11, 2010

…a new piece as part of 100 Drawings.

The next drawing is now up for “100 Drawings”- my attempt to both keep myself drawing and finish up some older unfinished work, that literally is stacked around the studio. It’s easy to start a new drawing, but so difficult to finish, but that’s where the “professional” part of “professional artist” comes into play. Not that that’s all it takes. Nor am I implying that I am in any way “professional”, or for that matter– You know what, I’m just gonna stop right there. As usual, this piece is now available in the store, more soon to follow. Enjoy the drawing, hope to have #3 up soon!

Custom Playlist
Ink and watercolor on illustration board. 8″ x 10″ 2010.
#2 of 100 Drawings