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DC Comics: Batman Group Show at Mondo Gallery!

by ncwinters on October 24, 2014

Very exciting!

I’m thrilled to announce my participation in tonight’s DC Comics x Mondo Gallery group show: Mondo Celebrates 75 Years of Batman. The show includes a top notch roster of talent, and I’m honored to be included. In Mondo’s words:

In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Batman, we are proud to present a gallery show featuring artwork inspired by the DC Comics hero. The exhibit will include posters and original artwork from over 30 artists inspired by various incarnations of Batman from comics, Batman 1966, Tim Burton’s Batman, Batman: The Animated Series and The Dark Knight trilogy.

My piece: “Man of Bats” is my take on the caped crusader in a more literal fashion, and is a kind of blend between Batman and Manbat. It was a fun one to make, float-mounted with a custom, hand sculpted frame (note the logo in the bottom, center) with collaged pages from actual Batman comics in the float-frame background. I won’t be able to attend the show, but if you’re in the Austin area, you should definitely check it out! Full show details at the bottom.
Enjoy the show!


“Man of Bats”
Pen/ink, ink wash & acrylic on paper, mounted to wood panel, resined.
Float-framed in custom hand sculpted frame with hand painted, collaged background.
Original painting: 9″ x 12″, framed: 14″ x 20″ x 3″ (2014)


ManOfBats_FRAMED_Detail3 ManOfBats_FRAMED_Detail2 ManOfBats_FRAMED_Detail5

full show details:



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Here’s one that never made it into my “A Curious Influence” show from last year.

A fun one to do, and one of the earliest started for the show, but I changed direction early on with how I was treating the graphic direction of the show, and this one was one of the casualties. This piece is based off one of my favorite movies: “Iron Giant” and I was bugged it didn’t make it in to my show. But alas, these things happen. This painting is already sold, sorry gang!
Enjoy “Not a Gun.”


Not a Gun
Pen & ink, ink wash & acrylic on watercolor paper, varnished.
12.5″ x 10.75″ (2014)

This painting is sold, but to purchase other available artwork, please swing by the store.





It’s A Trap!

by ncwinters on May 1, 2014

A recent Star Wars themed commission, all wrapped up.

I have a massive Star Wars themed commission coming up, most likely some of the last Star Wars themed art I’ll ever do (maybe?) but before that, this was one last Ackbar commission before the big dance. A lot of fun, I could see painting this guy a few more times, I mean, he’s got a catfish head! What’s not to like. Enjoy “It’s A Trap!”

ItsATrapIt’s A Trap!
Pen & ink, ink wash & acrylic on watercolor paper, varnished.
10″ x 12.75″ (2014)

This painting is sold, but to purchase other available artwork, please swing by the store.