Strata Upon Strata.

by ncwinters on January 22, 2014

Oh, this piece…

Finally, finally finished. A weird timeline behind this painting. Originally begun as a drawing months and months ago, it was left abandoned in “the stack” and sort of left for dead as it evolved too ambitiously beyond what I had the patience or interest to complete. It remained untouched until a longtime patron asked about it and got me interested again. The goal was to pursue more of a “quick tighten” to get it to a stage where I’d be satisfied selling it, unfinished. Full disclosure: the buyer was happy to take it in the state it was, half colored, half inked, half unfinished, but my meticulous nature couldn’t let it be. I did pick up interest in further experimenting with it, and finally got it to the state you see it now.

The conversation with the buyer sparked a fire in how I will tackle certain drawings this year. The chat, combined with an eye on what viewers seem to respond to with the greatest enthusiasm, all combined with how distracted I get when making art has cause me to try an experiment. I will be playing with leaving drawings slightly “unfinished” to let the bones and underlying tissues show when releasing some new pieces. I’m tempted to release these as “studies” but then, I think of everything that I make a “study” for the next thing I’ll make. Instead, these will be attempts at staying loose, and not overworking pieces into the ground. I love seeing the early process of the work of artists I like, and have heard others feel similar about my work. My goal will be to keep some drawings “open” with “room to breathe” and other “phrases in quotation marks.” We’ll see how it plays out.

Until then, enjoy “Strata Upon Strata.”


Strata Upon Strata
Pen & ink, ink wash & acrylic on watercolor paper, varnished.
10.75″ x 17″ (2014)

This painting is sold, but to purchase other available artwork, please swing by the store.





Release The Kraken!

by ncwinters on July 12, 2011

Cue Liam Neeson voice, or Laurence Olivier if you’re more of a purist!

This is a recently finished new painting for a pretty cool new show at Subtext Gallery, opening Friday, August 12. The show is based around the classic “Release the Kraken!” line uttered by Liam Neeson in the 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans. Purists will remember Sir Laurance Olivier delivering the line first, if with much less gusto in the original 1981 version. This is a different kind of art show, in that the artists were asked to paint on someone else’s painting. Several paintings of seascapes were culled from consignment stores and given to a handful of artists to reinterpret the famous line in whatever way they saw fit. It created a new challenge in having to paint over and around someone else’s original work, as much or as little as you wanted. This was challenging and ultimately a pleasure, as I changed the direction I was gonna go several times, before I just finally let go and had fun with it. Enjoy “In and Out at the End of the World.”

Here’s the original:

And after my contribution:

In and Out at the End of the World
Acrylic on found acrylic painting on canvasboard. Framed.
15.5″ x 11.75″ (2011)

And yes, it’s what you think it is. Here’s a detail shot:

Here’s a little before and after animation for perspective.



Overflow for a New Show.

by ncwinters on July 5, 2011

Here’s a recently finished painting for the upcoming “Anicomically Correct” show at Distinction Gallery, this Saturday, July 9th. The reception for  goes from 6-10PM, and I’ll be there, hanging out and chatting. The show is loosley based around comic-related art in conjunction with the San Diego Comic Con, which I can talk about more later. Full show details below:

It was especially rewarding, as I had originally started a different painting which I ultimately wasn’t feeling. I gave that one up, wanting to really just have fun with the painting, and a few days later, this was born. There’s nothing like the feeling of being okay with giving up on something that isn’t working, refocusing, and creating something else that you really can find joy doing, and ends up more resolved, better and more fun to work on than your previous effort. This was a fun piece to do, and if you were following my tweets on the Twitter, you got to see the painting evolve over time. Here’s a couple of those shots, pardon the terrible iPhone quality. Enough rambling. Enjoy “Overflow.” For purchase inquiries, please visit the Distinction website or contact Melissa Walker.

EDIT: See the painting and purchase online here.

And the final:

Ink and acrylic on paper, mounted to wood panel, resined.
18.5″ x 22″ (2011)

By the way, keep an eye out for prints, available soon!