“Idiot Box” is back!

I was proud to be in the first “Idiot Box” show at Gallery1988 back in 2009, and I’m honored to be included again this time. The concept of the show is a huge collection of artwork created inspired by television’s guilty pleasures. The first show was amazing, hosted by none other than Dennis Haskins, aka Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell. I even scored a pretty rad photo of me with him next to my piece “Latchkey.” There was quite a bit of press about the first show. This next one promises to be also pretty amazing (though alas, not hosted by Belding).

wintersandbeldingAchievement Unlocked: Belding approval from 2009.

For my piece for the show, I focused on a small rather obscure show that my wife and I dove into last year. “The Knick” is a gritty show about Dr. John Thackery and the Knickerbocker Hospital in turn of the century New York during a time of grisly medical experimentation as the methods for what we know as modern medicine came into the forefront. The show has a dreamlike quality, and the central figure of Thackery, played by Clive Owen, is mesmerizing. I wanted to do something for the show in a slightly different vein than my usual work. One minor plot point is that of Doctor Thackery being solicited to use his likeness to sell a snake oil cure all elixir. I wanted to convey what the advertising for that product might look like.


“Doctor Thackery’s Miraculous Cure-All” limited edition screenprint
Print size: 12″ x 18″ Limited edition of 75 one-color screenprint on natural cover stock.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $40 each.
First ten in the edition hand embellished for a weathered look done in ink wash, $50 each.
First in the edition (#1) mounted to wood and sealed with resin, $350.
Contact Gallery 1988 for purchase inquiries: gallery1988west (at)

This was a super fun piece to make but was intensely grueling due to all the painstaking detail. One of few pieces done completely digitally, many many hours were poured into this pice to try and make it as intricate as possible. For the release, I have made a one color screenprint, with a rich sepia brown on a natural off-white cover stock. The first ten in the edition of 75 have been hand-embellished with thin washes of ink to give an extra weathered look, as of a vintage poster from the turn of the century. The very first print has been mounted to a handmade cradled wood panel and coated with a flood of resin in my signature style.


#1-10 hand embellished for weathered look.
Number one is mounted to a cradled panel and resined.

I hope to see you at the show, I will be in attendance tomorrow night at the Gallery1988 West location (7308 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles). Doors open at 7PM. See you there!

ThackerysMiracleCure_Detail3 ThackerysMiracleCure_Detail1

detail views.


each print will be signed and numbered in special custom fields built into the design.


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4th Annual Moleskine Project!

by ncwinters on April 3, 2015

It’s Moleskine Project time!


The Annual Moleskine Project is a yearly show curated by amazing artist (and fellow PRISMA Artist Collective member) Rod Luff. If you’re not familiar, go check out his amazing work right now, I’ll wait. Every year, he invites select artists to work one spread in a Moleskine sketchbook which, when finished, will be mounted and framed for the gallery opening at Hashimoto Contemporary.

A preface: I don’t sketch or draw in a sketchbook as a general practice.

Every time I do so, I end up wanting to develop the drawing further with inks, paint and the like. Unfortunately, since it’s a sketchbook, the pages generally don’t hold up to such robust materials. So, I usually work on individual sheets of heavier duty paper. This often leads to the mass of random drawings that are lying about, but it also is a bit of a safety net in case I get into the piece and want to go further.


When I was invited to the 4th installment of the annual Moleskine Project by Rod, I leapt into the challenge to use an atypical medium and try to figure out how to make it work. I chose to do two books this year. For one, I wanted to do a straightforward sketchbook ramble, with the pen deciding what the image will end up as (often what I usually do, but with an extra emphasis on keeping it not very planned out). I couldn’t help myself and had to break out some ink wash, in addition to simply ink pen on paper. This was especially tricky as the paper isn’t terribly forgiving, and tends to buckle pretty quick, which leads me to the second book…

The second was an attempt to go the complete other direction, gessoing the paper to handle some more beefy media. For that one, I ended up using collage, cut out paintings on paper, ink, paint, acetate, tape and even string. It was a fun way to push the medium and explore a new space as well as tackle some experimental themes I’ve been interested in lately. Both were a ton of fun for very different reasons, and I’m super pleased with how they turned out.

The show opens tomorrow at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco with an absolute killer roster of talent. Every year the show gets better and better, and this one was of course the best to date. So many amazing artists pulling out all the stops. I’m not kidding, it’s an intimidating group, filled with amazing boss level artists using everything from graphite to oil paint and even cutting up the Moleskine. I wish I could make the show, but if you are in the San Francisco area, you should make sure that you don’t miss it! Please contact Hashimoto Contemporary directly for any inquiries, and enjoy the show!


“Broken Memories”
Ink in Moleskine sketchbook, varnished.





Mixed media: cut paper, acetate, thread, pen/ink, ink wash and acrylic in Moleskine, varnished.







New Group Show at Marcas Gallery: “Adrift”.

by ncwinters on March 7, 2015

A new group show!

“Adrift” opens tomorrow night at Marcas Gallery in Santa Ana, California. I’m pleased to be showing a few pieces alongside amazing artists, many of whom are very good friends of mine. Full details below.

Come out and show your support, and I’ll see you at the show!