PURGE Studio Sale 2016!

by ncwinters on May 24, 2016

It’s that time again….


I’ve missed a year or two, but the PURGE sale has finally made a triumphant return. In an effort to clean out the studio, bring in some additional funds, and in general let go of older unfinished works, I have been grinding away the past few weeks to put up several dozen works available for purchase. These sketches, drawings, studies, paintings, sculptural works and other previously unfinished creative endeavors have all been finished and will be priced to move to get them out of the studio to make room for new endeavors. So far there are around 60 pieces done, but I hope to increase that number before the sale opens this Friday.

I’ll be adding the works to the storefront as they are completed, check back often. All pieces will officially be available for purchase this Friday, May 27, and no presales will be made. As always, for your best chance to get the piece you want, be sure to be signed up for the newsletter in my sidebar, as newslettter subscribers will get the exact drop time, as well as some other goodies. It pays off to be in the newsletter club! Here’s a bit of what will be available Friday, but again, check the storefront between now and then to see all the new works as they are completed. Enjoy!


“Cloistered In Other”
Pen/ink, ink wash and acrylic on watercolor paper, varnished.
8.5″ x 11″ (2016) $600


“Containment Within Containment”
Pen/ink on paper.
5.5″ x 7″ (2016) $150


“Broken Halloween”
Pen/ink, ink wash and acrylic on paper, varnished.
7.5″ x 10″ (2016) $450


“Stacked Deck”
Pen/ink on paper.
5.5″ x 7″ (2016) $150


“Natural Connection”
Pen/ink, ink wash and acrylic on paper, varnished.
9″ x 12″ (2016) $700


“The Good Doctor” study of Clive Owen as Doctor Thackery
Graphite/ink & acrylic on sketchbook paper.
11″ x 14″ (2015) $200


Pen/ink, ink wash and acrylic on watercolor paper, varnished.
5.5″ x 7″ (2016) $150


Various “Creep Blossoms”
(Issac, Timothy, Harvey, Aster, Argyle, Marty,
Orren, Xeus and Berryman, clockwise from top left)

Pen/ink, ink wash and acrylic on watercolor paper, varnished.
5.5″ x 7″ (2016) $125 each.

More to come, keep an eye on the storefront, as I’ll be working feverishly between now and Friday to get all 60+ of the available works online and available for purchase. Thanks as always for the support!




by ncwinters on March 21, 2016

It’s almost here!


This Friday is the first day of Wondercon, a three day comics, pop culture and art festival at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown LA. Sort of a smaller, more sane version of San Diego Comic Con, Wondercon is a little more low-key and from the time I’ve gone before, less manic. Who knows how it will be this year though, as it’s my first time as an exhibitor! The convention runs from Friday, March 25 through Sunday, March 27. The hours are a little different each day, Friday: 12PM– 7PM, Saturday: 10AM–7PM and Sunday: 10AM–5PM. Full details about attending the show available here. I’ll be hawking my wares and drawing live the whole time at corner booth #341, on the left side of the convention center in Hall G next to Small Press and the Lounge. Here’s a little map for your quick reference:


We’re in corner booth #341, in Hall G just outside the
small press area, on the left side of the convention center.

For my very first time exhibiting at Wondercon, I’ll be teaming up with the good guys at Yesterdays pins. To commemorate this unholy union, we’ll be releasing my very first enamel pin as part of their artist edition series. “Avion” is a 1.25″ soft enamel black nickel plated lapel pin that comes in two vivid colorways: “Fire” and “Ice.” These pins will debut to attendees of Wondercon for $12 each. Any available remaining pins will go in the online shop after the convention ends.


“Avion” artist edition enamel pins from Yesterdays
1.25″ soft enamel black nickel plated lapel pin w/ single post black rubber backer.
Available in two colorways: “Fire” and “Ice” for $12 each.

Next up is a brand new screenprinted sketchcard, a return of the super popular experiment from last year’s Mondocon. I’ve upped the detail this time around on these sepia screenprinted cards on Stonehenge printmaking paper. The paper is perfect for ink drawing, which I’ll be doing on each and every card, in essence making a set of limited edition of 200 originals. Only a limited amount will be available at Wondercon, as last time I offered sketchcards, demand exceeded supply (see also: I couldn’t draw fast enough) and I had to cut the line off. I’ve learned my lesson and limited the supply and also slightly upped the price, though at $40 a pop for a limited edition screenprint that is ALSO an original drawing, it’s still an amazing deal. For those wanting something extra special, I’ll have embellished colored ink ones in super limited availability for $75 apiece. I may have to cut the line off again if demand is too great, so get here early to reserve a spot. In addition to working live, I’ll have a handful of finished sketchcards with more detail and full color available for $100 apiece.


Screenprinted 6.5″ x 9.5″ Sketch Cards
Limited to only 200, one color screenprint on Stonehenge Printmaking paper.
Each screenprinted sketchcard print will feature an original hand drawn sketch, done live.
Each sketchcard is hand signed and numbered.

Regular one color black or sepia simple pen/ink sketch cards $40 each.
Elaborate color/embellished sketch cards $75 each.


In addition to the sketchcards done live at the event,
several finished full color sketchcards will be available for $100 each.


each card will be hand signed and numbered.

And finally, as usual, I’ll have several small original drawings and paintings, some giclee prints and maybe even a custom framed original or two available at the show. Never quite sure exactly what I’ll pull out of the stack to bring to the convention, so keep your eyes peeled.

I hope to see you there!



It’s a super crazy and affordable house party!

Mondo Gallery has invited me and several other artists to each contribute work to their upcoming “House Party” show at SXSW in Austin, TX. The catch for this show is that it’s all original art, for only…wait for it….

$200 each.


Yup. Crazy insane deals on original affordable art by some top notch artists in the field. There’s so much anticipation for this show, that as of three days early, people have begun lining up outside the gallery. Complete madness. I’m super honored to be showing alongside these giants, and from what I’ve seen, everyone still brought their A-game, even for the low price point. Wish I could attend this bananas show in Austin, but it’s not in the cards. If you’re planning on attending the show, well, good luck purchasing something if you’re not already in line! Either way, should be a blast to see! Here’s my contribution to the show: “Holding On.”


“Holding On”
Pen/ink, ink wash and acrylic on paper, framed.
Original art: 8″ x 10″ Framed: 11.5″ x 13.5″ (2016)
For purchase inquiries, please contact Mondo Gallery.