100 Drawings Number 10 and some New Art available for purchase…

by ncwinters on December 19, 2010

…just in time for your last minute shopping!

Two new paintings in the shop. Well, they aren’t necessarily new, but they’re new…to the shop. AND if you purchase before December 31, with the holiday code EGGNOG, you get an additional 20% off! And they each include free shipping! Also in the shop- the next drawing of 100 Drawings, at a special holiday rate! It’s number 10 of 100 Drawings, the biggest one yet, and would normally retail at $200, but I’m putting it up as a holiday treat and keeping the price down to $150. Hurry, this one won’t last! Unless it does.

Hope everyone’s holiday season is going well, as well as any shopping, family and home prep. Best wishes to all on this joyous festival of seasonal winter celebratory joy time!

Little Lion Man
Ink and acrylic on paper. 9-3/4″ x 10″ (2010)
Number 10 of 100 Drawings.

Hidden Agenda
Acrylic on paper, mounted to wood panel, resined. 9.75″ x 12.75″ 2010.

Acrylic on paper, mounted to wood panel, resined. 10″ x 12″ 2010.


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