July 2008

Show updates- get your Comic Con freak on…

by ncwinters on July 20, 2008

…and swing by LA the next night for even more!

Big upcoming show weekend! Friday, July 25th at Subtext Gallery in downtown San Diego, don’t miss “Beasts of Burden”- a custom vinyl show with many great artists. KMNDZ, N8 Van Dyke, Doktor A, Frank Kozik, Scribe and many other amazing talents will be in this group show that I am proud to be a part of. There’s a sneak preview Thursday, July 24, but the opening reception is Friday, July 25th, from 6-10PM. Yes, this all goes down during the San Diego Comic Con, which is literally a few blocks away. If you are around for the convention, you can’t miss the vinyl show! “Beasts of Burden” is co-curated by Cardboard Spaceship, and I will be at their ComicCon booth 4737 earlier on Friday to promote the show and my work. Swing by their booth at 3PM and I’ll be there for sketching, signing, or just chatting away. The following evening, Saturday July 26th, I will be the featured artist for Cannibal Flower. Show is one night only, from 9PM to 1AM, with a paltry $8 admission. The event will be at Infusion Gallery, in downtown LA. I will be showcasing a large variety of work, so if you haven’t checked out the work in awhile, you should definitely swing by. Here’s a snippet for your viewing pleasure, hope to see you there!