November 2008

Did you know…

by ncwinters on November 25, 2008

…that N.C. has an Etsy shop?

Where he sells stuff? Stuff you can buy, instantly? And that he’ll ship around the world?

Oh, wait, I should back up. This is Ginger (the wife) again. I’ve stolen N.C’s blog again. (What? He’s working and I can’t always wait for him to get around to things.)

Anyway, N.C. does have an Etsy shop, with items under $50 for sale…prints, small original works, cards, the like. It’s a small shop, but we’re always adding things as he finishes work up.

You really should check it out–it’s perfect for the holidays (hint, hint). As a matter of fact, this little beauty might be perfect for those of you who still have to get out Christmas cards.

What, I’m just saying.

Is Thanksgiving seriously next week…?

by ncwinters on November 23, 2008

…because it feels like it was just March a few minutes ago.

Spent today celaning the house and getting ready for the folks to come in town for the holiday. Cleaned, straightened, and spending some time reorganizing like I always do. My intentions always start out legitimate, but invariably in the process of organizing and reducing clutter, I end up obsessive compulsively reorganizing every box, bag, drawer and room to the point of utter ridiculousness. The studio still remains which will probably end up taking the rest of the night. Good times. Looking forward to the short week, can’t wait to have some actual time off relaxing for a change.

*voice of doom*

Daily Drawing 11/23/08

Daily Drawing 11/23/08

Getting work done…

by ncwinters on November 22, 2008

…isn’t that what the weekends are for?

Ginger is out doing some photography and some early Christmas shopping. She’s the responsible one. I however, have yet to learn how to relax on the weekend and stop working. Did some sanding and prep for some new wood panels and I am now totally covered in sawdust. Amazing that I had to go out and buy a new sander, as I wore the other one into the ground and I’ve already slightly mangled the new one. Not sure if I just am too rough with it, or I am using the wrong tool. Most likely a combination of the two. The prep is for the Daily Drawings, interestingly enough. Once a drawing is finished, I sand down a mini panel, mount the drawing to the wood, seal the whole thing with a fixatif and then resin the whole mess over. Turns out pretty nice, and they seem to sell pretty well. So today’s drawing will ultimately end up most likely the same way. I’ll post progress pics of the whole progress if anyone’s interested.

Until then, enjoy today’s drawing, and have a good weekend. While you’re vegging out this weekend, take a trip over to Ginger’s blog, She’s giving away a set of last year’s Christmas cards randomly to whoever posts a comment on her site. So if you are a cheapo and want the chance to win some free cards, head on over! Tell them N.C. sent you.

*voice of doom*

Daily Drawing 11/22/08