November 2008

Fridays from home…

by ncwinters on November 21, 2008

…the only way to do Fridays.

Today is a work from home day. Have too many projects to complete in not enough time. One major one is an illustration project way way overdue. The client is amazingly patient which makes me feel that much crummier. The other is the Christmas card design for this year. Last year’s had good response and we’ll be selling them shortly on Etsy once we get our act together and get them on the site. Once this year’s design is finished and printed (very soon), we’ll have them available for your purcahsing pleasure.

Since I’m at home, I won’t be adding to my daily doodling which I do most every day at my contract job. I started out noodling on a scrap of paper with a ballpoint pen, which has now turned into a stack of paper and a small supply store’s worth of pens and highliters. I like the ghettoness of using ballpoint and highliter. Takes a lot of the pressure out of making any kind of “legitimate” drawing, and I just really enjoy the materials. I’ve always had a fine appreciation for ballpoint. It’s like a little oil dispenser right at my fingetips. Great for detailing, blendind and smudging directly with the fingers. I owe you a few drawings. Enjoy.

*voice of doom*

Daily Drawing 11_20_08

Daily Drawing 11_21_08


They used to call them Daily Drawings…

by ncwinters on November 20, 2008

…they being me.

In continuation with yesterday’s bit of motivation to keep my bloggerization a bit more regular, I’ve decided to try (the key word being try) to bring back some of the Daily Drawing. For those not in the know, I used to do a drawing every single day. Thus the name. My goal was at least a year and, true to form, I made it about three quarters of a year. Got too demanding, and I am a lazy person, so that kind of…ended.


With all of that excusery, I bring you back a new Daily Drawing, a few months late from the schedule. Note that each drawing you see will not necessarily be done in one day. I usually have many going from the desk of my contract job, and I do a bit of drawing every day, not necessarily a new, complete drawing. Unclear and wordy? You bet, but that’s how I blog. Enjoy.

*voice of doom*

daily drawing 11_19_08

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Where oh where has my little blog gone…?

by ncwinters on November 19, 2008

…the one with the waggily tail?

Wow. Just realizing how out of it I’ve been as far as the blog world goes. I’ve been slammed, I’m been slack, I’ve been full of many excuses. A lot has happened from the last post, so let’s jump right into it.

Let’s see, Ginger (my lovely wife) hijacked my last post to tell you all about the Keep-A-Breast show, which went well. I should back up a step and comment on the fantastic job she did on the post. My blog entries will pretty much always pale in comparison to hers. She has started her own blog and is much more professional and punctual with her blogification. Check it out when you can- Nicely laid out and her excellent writing makes for a good read. I’m a bit biased though. Did I mention she’s my wife?

Let’s see…what else?

Oh yes, the Deep Water group show at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice happened a few weeks ago. Never got around to posting about it, see the aforementioned to slackassery. You can see a nice video of the show, as well as a full gallery of the paintings. I’m quite proud of a brand new watercolor I did for the show. Haven’t done a watercolor in quite a while and enjoyed working on this one. Resined it onto a plank of wood when I was done. Still experimenting with the resining, but I’m really enjoying it. Expect more resined drawings and watercolors in the future.

Symbiosis- Watercolor and ink on paper, resined onto wood.

Symbiosis- Watercolor and ink on paper, resined onto wood.

What else, what else?

Oh, the Beasts of Burden show was at Subtext last Friday. The featured toy was the MIAO cat and mouse combo from Zakkamono. A great show as usual, Don and Dylan are always great, and of course props to George and Gabriel who are always on top of it. “It” of course, being awesomeness. Can’t mention the show without calling out the married pair Zakka and Rae. This super fun and creative duo comprise Zakkamono- the company responsible for the design and production of the MIAO kitty cat and mouse. Both super neat people, both with fantastic MIAO customs in the show. Check out some of the shots:

Never Too Old

Never Too Old- Acrylic on vinyl MIAO cat and mouse. Acrylic glaze coating.

Never Too Old- detail.

Never Too Old- detail.

That’s about it for now. I’m using this long post as an excuse to get my lazy butt back into bloggerizing gear. A little easier now that we have a new Mac, but that’s another story…

(Insert Neverending Story theme music here)

*voice of doom*