December 2008

Creative License Holiday shopping…

by ncwinters on December 17, 2008

…did you get all yours done?

Creative License #13 is online now at I’m looking into putting the comics on the blog, though due to content rights, I’ll have to wait at least a month before the brand new ones can be posted here. Which is as it should be. Something else to add to the list for 2009.

*voice of doom*

Creative License #13

Reverse Alchemy Freelance Freedom…

by ncwinters on December 15, 2008

…now in a lovely purple.

Check out the full comic here. A new comic can be found every Monday at

*voice of doom*

Freelance Freedom #83 at

Huge Holiday sale…

by ncwinters on December 11, 2008

…get your art shop on!

Rather than support the big chain stores this holiday season, why not support your local artists? I’ll even make it easy–I’m offering Holiday Specials this Saturday, December 13th. Why not do all your holiday shopping in one place?

So what kind of stellar deals can you get with N.C. Winters?

How about 10% off all fine art from 2008?
Or 15% off all Custom Vinyl?
Or 20% off work from 2007 & earlier?
How about original works under $100?
How about prints, digital prints, and sketches from $10-$50?
How about Christmas cards for $10?

Have you lost your mind with excitement yet? Can I make an entire post with nothing but questions?

There’s no better way to fill out your holiday shopping lists. Trust me, I’ve done the research. Local shoppers can come to my studio at Distinction Gallery in Escondido from 6pm-11pm Saturday, December 13th to take advantage of these great deals. For those who are interested in buying from afar, just inquire via email about prices/availability and I will honor the sale discounts for you folks as well. (Shipping costs will be added to final price). And Etsy buyers can buy the items listed in the shop with free shipping until December 15th.

This holiday season, don’t support corporate America–support me!

P.S. You can see pieces being offered for sale HERE. Or you can click on the handy new tab at the top marked “art gallery”. Whoah, when did that get there? (note: sketches & digital prints not shown on the gallery).

N.C. Winters
(*voice of doom*)