Pantone glasses come in three sizes…

by ncwinters on January 8, 2009

…small, medium and no-freaking-way.

Creative License #2 was a fun trip into make-believe land. I say ‘trip’ but the truth is I’ve got a summer home there. Let’s just say I’m a regular and my passport is up-to-date. I did this comic like so many while at my contract job, out on the quad being a loner at lunch. I use the lunch break to of course…work some more. I’m not quite sure exactly how to not always be working, but I’m working on it. Anyhoo, since the job is a production gig, I’m surrounded by other designers and I think that day I was noodling around with Pantone swatches to get a color I wanted. I actually don’t use a Pantone book as often as I should, mainly right before I’m finishing a job and need all my colors in Illustrator to jive on the final print, t-shirt or whatever. Enjoy.

Creative License #2

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