June 2009


by ncwinters on June 10, 2009

…oh how you took too long.

Well, my Kokeshi is finally done for the LATDA Kokeshi Show. The show is officially called KOKESHI: From Folk Art to Art Toy an I am officially done. After putting it off for too long for other show and business obligations, I restarted from scratch for something I am very much pleased with. Too often a painting is started and put aside for later only to gesso over the whole thing and start over after enough time has passed. I need to focus on getting one piece started, worked on and then finished in a relatively timely manner before I feel like my style has changed or my head is in a totally different place. Mentally, not actually in a different location on my body. The show opens July 11th at the Japanes American National Museum in Los Angeles. I will probably not be able to make the opening, but will do my best. Many fantastic artists will have pieces in the show, and I am excited to see what is created.

On a side note, the eagerly anticipated two man “Waterlogged” show that I have been slaving over for the past few months looks like it will be delayed. The gallery that was going to host the show has unfortunately…closed. The body of work Chris Kepler and I have been slaving over will be featured in a gallery yet to be determined most likely at a later date. The work is some of my best ever and WILL be featured, it is just now a matter of finding a venue. A minor setback.

Without further distractions, enjoy my Kokeshi doll. The piece is entitled “Omniscience” and was painted in acrylic over the original wooden blank. The whole mess was then resined for that candy-coating I love so well.


“Omniscience” Acrylic on wooden Kokeshi, resined

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3 & 4

It’s alive…

by ncwinters on June 4, 2009

…and kicking.

So! Finally switched everything over. The old flash-based site that was oh so late 90’s is now dead and buried. This is the new hotness, whether you like it or not. Much easier to update, much easier to maintain. Also fits my obsessive compulsive desire to totally change stuff when the mood strikes. Go CSS! So, as usual, hang out here, look around, lots of shows coming up as well as the birth of my son in late August! Excitement is not really even the right word. I would say totally rad, but that seems lame too. Regardless, big happenings in the next few months. Show info very soon, I promise! Just as soon as we get back from Chicago. Gonna go spend some time in the Windy City, as I’ve never been but Ginger and everyone says I would love it. Will see Josh Clay hopefully when we’re there and talk art stuffs. Not too long though, as again it is our anniversary, which is usually the few moments Ginger doesn’t get bombarded with art crap.

Well, not too much anyway.

Hope you like the new design and banner. I’m still tweaking elements, but would love to know what everyone thinks. I’ll be sending out a newsletter soon to update everyone on the goings on.


Pardon the dust…

by ncwinters on June 3, 2009

…the site’s under a bit of construction.

Yes, I’m finally getting my butt in gear and updating the website. You likey?

Goodbye my dearest out-of-date Flash pain-in-the-ass website. Hello sweet all-in-one WordPress deliciousness. As you can see, I’ve compiled a bunch of work that was all over and am updating this site as the main feedbag for your art hunger. Keep coming back here for now until I figure out how to transfer everything over under the ubiquitous www.ncwinters.com. Fun.