July 2009

An enjoyable evening being ‘that guy’…

by ncwinters on July 1, 2009

…you know, the guy drawing at Starbucks.

Yes, while I am ashamed and have to eat a bit of crow for being ‘that guy’ at Starbucks who either has his laptop, is writing his novel or is drawing away for everyone to see, I had a lot of fun. Ginger had the great idea of making me go out of the house as I was getting more than a little stir crazy in the house. Since I’ve gone for the full time freelancer/artist role which I deemed was one of the best online jobs for me at that stage, the house has become my office, home and jail cell. I’m finding it harder and harder to get motivated in the morning to get to work, as well as relax and unwind at night. It’s the typical work-from-home dilemma where you spend far too much time in your dwelling/office space and the two become indistinguishable. Ginger, love of my life and a quite smart lady has encouraged me to take breaks, walk around, and frankly get the hell out of the house. So it was off to the Barnes & Noble / Starbucks combo for an evening iced coffee and drawing session. Scored yet another sketchbook, this one on sale for only three bucks (couldn’t pass it up) and I got down to work. Drew for nearly three hours nonstop, and it was fantastic. I realize I haven’t been able to just sit and draw in the home studio, because I feel compelled to always be working on one of far too many projects I continually take on. This was pure drawing for fun, something I haven’t been able to do in months.

Enough blathering, enjoy the drawing, first in a new sketchbook, hopefully many more to come as I attempt better habits, breaks and ways to change up the home and office from becoming a tomb. Enjoy.



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