December 2009

Nothing to Cringe At…

by ncwinters on December 29, 2009

…unless you’re not a fan of He-Man.

Here’s my latest painting, in full hard-to-photograph resined glory. The painting will be part of “Masters of the Universe”– a group show at Gallery 1988:LA opening January 8th, 7PM–10PM. Some amazing pieces are in the show, as usual. Jensen curates quite the pool of talent at these shows, and I’m honored to show with everyone. I most likely won’t be able to be at the show, but enjoy the art and the gallery. Apparently they’ve been totally overhauling the gallery to do it up real Eternia-proper. Sounds pretty epic. Enjoy the painting, acrylic on paper again, mounted to wood and then resined. I’m getting ever more comfortable with this combination of media and am really enjoying working this way. Plus, the paintings get done in way less time and (in my opinion) have been turning out pretty well. Enjoy!

Nothing to Cringe At

“Nothing to Cringe At”
Acrylic on paper, mounted to wood panel, resined. 16″ x 24″


I am Jack’s new art print…

by ncwinters on December 8, 2009

…available in limited quantity for your purchasing pleasure.

Prints of my painting “I am Jack’s Broken Heart” are available for purchase through Gallery 1988: LA. The giclee prints are on heavy fine art paper, hand signed and numbered in a limited edition of 35, available for $70.00 each.

Take advantage of their holiday sale through Dec. 23rd, and receive 10% off prints when purchased in-store at G1988 Los Angeles.  Or receive free domestic shipping on print orders over $125.00 via telephone or email. To order a print, please contact the Los Angeles location: (323) 937-7088 / Or visit in-store at 7020 Melrose Ave., LA, CA 90038.


Also while you’re in the shopping mood, feel free to browse my Etsy shop for holiday cards. There are a few sets left, all at a good price, especially for the southern California beach-loving crowd. Enjoy!



How it’s made…

by ncwinters on December 3, 2009

…artwork that is.

So I’ve started taking in progress shots of recent works both as a technical study as well as a “hey, ain’t this neat” kind of animation fun time yippy treat. Think I’ll do this again in the future, hopefully with more consistent lighting and a stable shot. Here you go:


I made a little quick Photoshop morph of the pics. The image was too large for my little WordPress blog, or (more probably) I’m too dumb to figure out how to post a large image, but apparently, Twitpic has no fear, so enjoy that here.