March 2010

Another toy long forgotten…

by ncwinters on March 16, 2010

…from your abandoned toy collection.

Just finished up a new vinyl custom for upcoming Buddy Custom Show. The blank was an 8″ Bic Buddy, and the show opens at Crewest Gallery, March 27, 6PM—9PM. The toy was fun. Been meaning to spend more time with sculpture, experimenting, having fun, trying to figure out new ways to dump my mind out in three dimensions. This was a labor of…something not quite like love. The magic-sculpt is, as usual, nice and durable, but getting all the details I wanted took some effort. Finally dropped some money on a fancy craft Dremel tool and some tiny files that made the difference. Still getting used to the medium, but I prefer the magic-sculpt to sculpey as I got sick of the stuff shaling off during sanding and/or modifications. More to come in the future, perhaps just a little larger. Still just getting into this 3D medium, but I think I’ll definitely be coming back for more. I’ll try to take progress shots in the future!

The toy is a vinyl Bic Buddy, modded with magic-sculpt. The final piece was gessoed, painted with acrylic and then finished with both matte and gloss finishes. Enjoy!

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