January 2011

New site design!

by ncwinters on January 28, 2011

A fancy new wrapper for your favorite art stuffs for 2011!

Hey gang, I’m pleased to announce a redesign of my site for the New Year. Not too much has changed in terms of content, but I’m finally getting closer to a look and feel I can be satisfied with for more than 5 minutes. If  you have any suggestions or rants, feel free to let me know: I’ll see what I can do. I have to give a great big shoutout to web developer Chris Brightwell who helped a great deal (see: I paid him to do it) with a lot of the coding and back-end frustrations from me not being a web developer. I highly recommend his awesome services to those with web development needs. Don’t forget to check out the store which has also been updated with a slick new wrapper. This in turn should stay busy churning out plenty of smallish drawings and paintings throughout 2011 for the fiscally conservative art buyer with an eye for pretty pictures.

I hope to be better about posting in 2011 with progress pics, new art and some more in-depth walkthroughs for some of my “techniques”. I’ve received many requests about the resin process, so I hope to have that up for you. Keep your eyeballs “peeled” as the kids say. Also I made the newsletter easier to access over there on the sidebar where it helpfully says “get the newsletter”. Now you can instantly sign up instead of my gauging whether or not you’ve expressed enough interest, or if I’ve asked you directly. The last thing I want to do is give you more spam. Well, maybe not the last. Killing puppies is probably the very absolute “last” thing.

Here’s some more art for your face, rather than just words. Here’s a new in-progress shot of a small painting for 100 Drawings, about 7.5 inches by 11, acrylic on paper.

Thanks again for all the support as always, and best wishes to everyone in 2011!


Number Eleven- More than a Little Late…

by ncwinters on January 24, 2011

…so much for New Year’s Resolutions!

Number 11 of 100 Drawings, finally up for your visual pleasure. Got a bunch in the pipes, and I hope to have many done in a row for you soon, but I feel like I’ve made that promise before. So let’s not build it up too much. Here was one I got done relatively quick. As usual, if you’re interested in purchasing, you can do so directly from my snazzy store here. Don’t forget to check out my Twitter page- I’ll regularly show progress shots on new drawings, paintings, projects and other stuff that by all means ought to go here. Failure is always an option, apparently. Oh, and the reluanch of the site is pending. Have I mentioned it yet? Oh well, it’s en route: a new design and some clarity, coming soon. Enjoy.

Bitter Remains
Ink and acrylic on paper. 6-3/4″ x 10-3/4″ (2011)
Number 11 of 100 Drawings.


Is This Thing On…?

by ncwinters on January 6, 2011

…it’s a group art show about comedy!

I’m proud to announce I am involved with the Is This Thing On? group comedian art show opening this Friday, January 7 at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles in conjunction with super funny web time site Funny or Die. One hundred artists were asked for their artistic take on one hundred great comedians, and there are some amazing pieces in the show!

I was pleased to get to paint Bill Murray in all his CaddyShack glory as the misunderstood genius Carl Spackler with one of his memorable bits of wisdom cradling his gorgeous head. The painting is the usual- acrylic on paper, mounted to wood and resined. So sorry about the shitty photo, but I’ve also included an earlier version from pieced-together scans in Photoshop. Just so you can get the idea that the quality isn’t as sucky as my craptastic photos. That’s the one drawback to the resin, I guess. That, and the finicky nature and fumes and unpredictability. Nevermind.

See you at the show! Doors open at 7PM.

Wisdom of the Llama
Ink and acrylic on paper. 14″ x 17″ (2010)

And here’s the earlier version, “pre-grunge” and pre-resin, painfully scanned in and pieced together in Photoshop. Why I didn’t do this part after it was finished and before the mounting and resining? Because I’m an idiot.