Number 41. Sheesh, Finally.

by ncwinters on October 18, 2011

Here it is finally, a new one for 100 Drawings.

I’ve been slammed. Been drawing, painting, parenting, painting, parenting and sleeping when I can. My kid just recently turned two, which is both awesome and exhausting. Ginger and I have a fun little online mini chronicle of our new lives as parents that we’ve had going for about a year, which currently has a contest going for a free comic strip. If you’re interested in how it’s going, head on over to my OTHER website:

Here’s 100 Drawings Number 41: Busted Blossum, ink and acrylic on paper. Enjoy.

Busted Blossum
Pencil and Ink and Acrylic on paper. 9″ x 11.75″ (2011)
Number 41 of 100 Drawings.

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